Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mac Glamour Daze!

Well I caved! I finally got some mac products! The last time I bought the lipgloss was over 10 yrs ago. hehe. So I finally gave in. I needed some mac in my life again :)

Here is what I got. I ordered it through nordstroms online, since I dont have a mac store close by. Im happy with all of them. They deliver beautiful color and they look great.

 The lipgloss "Pink fade" is SO small! hald the size of the lipbalm lol but it is a gorgeous pink
 "Beauty" such a pretty pink shade. Its a more matte lipstick. So I use the lipgloss over it.

 Love this highlight! its gorgeous.

Bad picture day for me, since Im just running errands and not dressed up or did up.lol. But it shows how pretty the lipstick and lipgloss are together.. along with a nice highlight on my cheeks.


Kacie said...

Pretty colours.. not much bang for your buck though!


Pink Glam said...

Yeah the lipgloss I was very surprised by. It looks like a deluxe sample lol. But it is very pretty :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I have yet to see this collection in person, I wanted few things, but I am pretty sure they are all sold out by now. The lipgloss/lipstick go so well together. The highlighter is gorgeous, wish I knew how to put on highlighters.

Pink Glam said...

Sarmin- I just use my elf fan brush and brush it on over the top of my cheeks :)

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

nice goodies!
I hope Santa brings me some MAC this year. lol

Pink Glam said...

lol id love for santa to bring me some :)

TamaraB♡ said...

I love the nude look on you! I saw a picture of me wearing a really light lip and let me tell you, it looked like I ate powdered doughnuts. It looks so much better on you. :)

Pink Glam said...

LOL Tamara! that sounded so funny. I have to be careful with pale colors to, otherwise I look pretty dumb.