Monday, August 27, 2012

whats in my makeup bag!

I made a super quick video about what I keep in my makeup bag that I keep in my purse. Just my basics that I carry with me :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Shoe room tour!~

Here is a tour of my shoe room lol. Its a spare bedroom that I used for my shoes, and one of my computers. Come subscribe if you like my videos:)

Monday, August 20, 2012

Haul time :) + sneak peek of makeup storage

I stopped at ulta and target today. Had to get some stuff I have been running out of. Plus I got Victoria secret feel flirty mist/lotion off ebay. I love this stuff. Smells amazing. A pretty Vanilla smell. Not over powering at all. I like something light to put on after I shower and this was perfect. Of course i bought more fake bake! it seriously is the best sunless spray!!!
 I'm going to give this 3D toothpaste a try. I hope it works.
 I haven't used the voluminous mascara in awhile so im going to see how it is.
 Then I bought these wax removal strips. Ulta was out of the eyebrow ones, so I bought the big ones and will cut them to size :)
 I have now bought this twice now, and I love it. Very close to the revlon colorstay I believe. But less heavy I think.
 mmm these smell amazing! got them off ebay. Super pretty scent.
 sneak peak to my post that will talk about my makeup storage :) the drawer holds my eyeshadows, and blushes and bronzer.. then the rest of the makeup is in other areas.

Friday, August 17, 2012

August Glam BAG

Well overall im very happy with my last 2 bags I have gotten. The bags have been super cute and I have gotten some great products.

 Ok the EClos products smell HORRIBLE! I feel like im actually putting a chemical on my face, just by the smell of it :( I dont feel like im having this amazing spa like treatment lol. Im giving them both a try, to see if their is any difference in my skin.
 I got the white circus nail polish last time, so I was pumped to get the pink one this time. However this is very very neon pink! great for toes :)
 This roll on perfume reminds me of a hair serum scent lol. Not sure if I will really use this or not. Its ok.
 This was so cute.  A very tiny mineral eyeshadow. It appears to be white, but has this pinky undertone when light hits it.
 They included this cute lipgloss. Its pretty pigmented and not sticky, and it smells pretty good.

I hope Myglam keeps up on the good bags :) i would love to see more makeup products however, and more well known products. Thanks myglam for the cute aug bag~

My morning skin care routine

So I have a pretty simple morning skin care routine. I cleanse, use and eye serum and moisture :) pretty simple. Then if im having breakouts I will use a treatment to treat the problem areas.

I use my loreal youth code. Which is just simply amazing. Then I use my St Ives timeless skin moisturizer and then use my Garnier ultra lift eye roller under my eyes. Which actually does help with the fine lines.

Super easy to do :)

I highly recommend all of these products.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nyx butt naked palette review and swatches

So I have been wanting this palette forever! but I never wanted to pay around $25-$28 for it. So I waited and then I got it on Haute Look! $15!! heck yes! I was so happy to get it.

The colors are amazing, and there so pretty. Neutral shades, smokey neutrals just fab! here are some pics :)

Im so excited I got this. 

 4 blushes,  bronzer and 2 highlights

 top row of eyeshadow
 2nd row of eyeshadow
 3rd row of eyeshadow
 the gorgeous blushes
bronzer and the 2 highlights

So far I tried out on of the matte greys :)
super subtle color and very pretty :)