Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nyx butt naked palette review and swatches

So I have been wanting this palette forever! but I never wanted to pay around $25-$28 for it. So I waited and then I got it on Haute Look! $15!! heck yes! I was so happy to get it.

The colors are amazing, and there so pretty. Neutral shades, smokey neutrals just fab! here are some pics :)

Im so excited I got this. 

 4 blushes,  bronzer and 2 highlights

 top row of eyeshadow
 2nd row of eyeshadow
 3rd row of eyeshadow
 the gorgeous blushes
bronzer and the 2 highlights

So far I tried out on of the matte greys :)
super subtle color and very pretty :)


Kristen said...

gorgeous colors! what a great deal!

Pink Glam said...

thanks :)

lalalucy1000 said...

Oh wow all these colours look gorgeous, I bet you get allot of wear out of this x x

Pink Glam said...

yeah there going to be great everyday colors forsure :)

PinkTrixxi said...

Wow! This looks awesome! You can't beat the price!