Friday, March 30, 2012

Derm Store Review

Hey dolls. So with my March My Glam bag I got a $25.00 gift certificate to use on the dermstore website. At first I didn't even give it a glance. I thought they wouldn't have any brands I would like.
Well sure enough they did! I was pretty happy.

I needed a new bottle of the fake bake flawless and they carry that! sweet! and it was $25.00. So all I needed to do was order $25.00 worth of other products. You had to spend $50 to get $25 off. Well considering I needed the fake bake regardless, I went ahead and bought $25.00 worth of other stuff.

The shipping was super fast! I had 2 items listed as back ordered when I first did the order. Then all of a sudden the whole order arrived today :) yay! It literally took only a few days to get here, from when I placed the order.

So onto what I got :)

 I have never tried a spray moisturizer. So I wanted to try this $11.00. Plus since i self tan now, my back needs to stay moisturized so the self tanner stays on longer :) so I figure I can just spray my back with this :)
 Then my fake bake flawless! i LOVE LOVE THIS! I will keep buying this. Its almost goof proof as long as you apply it with the mit :)
 then dermstore carries essie! So I got these 2 pretty pinks.  On the left is flawless and on the right is Tour de Finance
Then they sent 2 small sample packets. Which I thought was a nice touch. They also use bubble wrap in the package to protect the contents.

So overall I will use dermstore again in the future to make purchases :) and shipping is free! totally an amazing deal! beats driving to the store to get some of the products. Just ship it for free.

and ps, they keep track of what you just ordered so you can just click "re-order" what a time saver :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Revlon top speed nailpolish in bubble

How cute is this PINk shade! Its by revlon and the color is Bubble!

I love it. Once again a home run for Revlon with the color and how long it has stayed on my nails :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

John Hardy Jewlary line

So I wanted to let you all know about a very unique Jewelry line that John Hardy offers. I also put the link to each pieces below each picture so you can find it easily.

Their pieces are so pretty and unique and there is something for everyone. They carry mens,woman's and children's jewelry.

They are also very driven to keep things Greener. Here is a direct quote from their CEO  "We strive to always do better. Being green is a never ending process. Every day, we are implementing energy-efficiency programs and evaluating ways to lower our impact on the environment because we care for our people.”
- Damien Dernoncourt, CEO

Not only does John Hardy make beautiful luxury jewelry John Hardy strives to also make the world a better place.

I wanted to take a minute and show a few pieces that I find to be very pretty,stylish and range in price.

Ok this one is my absolute fav piece . Of course its pink! but oh so gorgeous!
Studded Dome Ring with Pink Sapphire. All in Sterling Silver.


Style No: RBS175624PSPX7

A little information on the Bedeg collection:
First introduced in Fall 2010, the Bedeg collection celebrates the simple, yet exquisite Indonesian artisanship found in woven bamboo with a modern design interpretation captured in traditional techniques. Dedicated to preserving and challenging the techniques of Bali jewelry-making, Bedarida and his team of artisans developed a manner to weave lengths of gold and precious metals to emulate the patterns found all over the island in baskets, mats and walls. The ripples wrapping rings and cuffs mirror not only these traditional Balinese practices but also the art deco style of Rattan furniture. 

I also found this very pretty Y necklace. I think its stunning.

Y Necklace. All in Sterling Silver.
Style No: NB2831X36

Dragon Station Bracelet on adjustable Black Cotton Cord. All in Sterling Silver.
NAGA COLLECTION Dragon Station Bracelet on adjustable Black Cotton Cord
Style No: BB65600BLXM

White Leather Double Wrap Bracelet 17mm. All in Sterling Silver.
KALI COLLECTION White Leather Double Wrap Bracelet
Style No: BB2690WHXM
I think this wrap leather bracelet is such a cool look! You can wear this everyday and dress it up or dress it down by combining some more beautiful pieces.  

Now I saw these men's pieces and loved them! They would look great on that special someone.

Stainless Steel Double Wrap Link Bracelet 11mm with Black Onyx. All in Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel.NAGA COLLECTION Stainless Steel Double Wrap Link Bracelet
Style No: BMS65551BONX

Band Ring with Black Sapphire. All in Sterling Silver. CLASSIC CHAIN COLLECTION Band Ring
Style No: RBS94152BLSX10
What an amazing ring for a man! its so stylish 
I also found this gorgeous bracelet from the children's section. I would totally get this for Lexi once she was a but older.

Heart Station Bracelet with Pink Tourmaline. All in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold. ASMARA COLLECTION Heart Station Bracelet
Style No: BZS33815PTX5
If your interested in any of these beautiful pieces I highly recommend you go over to their website. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Charlotte russe new shoes!

So I bought these shoes a few weeks back. There so super cute. Only thing is they only had whole sizes. No 1/2. I wear 8.5. So I got 9's. Well the pink shoes fit well, but the neutral pair is a bit big, so im just going to put insole in them to help make them more snug LOL.

I cant wait for summer! Im so excited to wear summer dresses with my wedges.