Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wet Seal

So i had to grab these babys when I saw them. I needed some pink jewlery and found these and this cute top.

Cute pink cropped sweater. I think I paid $11.99 score!

 Then I got this blingy ring hehe. Its huge but I love it.
 Then I got these earrings that have pink and silver threading.
Then I got this super cute necklace. This hangs pretty far down on me.. past my boobs which I like. They jewels are actually pretty big.

 I bought all of the items a few weeks back. I can't wait to wear them.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Review- clean and clear mattifying moisturizer

So I bought this at target the other day. I have been having super oily skin all of a sudden. I dont know if its a hormone change or what but I needed to get something to help with the oil. So I did my normal routine of washing my face and using my noxzema pads, then I applied the clean and clear.

First thing I don't like is : Its not very moisturizing. It feels like Im putting on a primer that doesn't go on very well.

Second: It also leaves my skin white washed. It doesn't absorb into my skin well at all.

Third: Within about 3 hours I had oily skin and shine. It says it controls the shine all day but in my case it did not :(

So Im very disapointed in this moisturizer and will keep looking for something that will help with the oil/shine.

My morning skincare routine

My skincare is pretty routine. I dont do a whole lot to my skin right now. I do however want to pick up the Loreal youthcode skincare kit though. Since I will hit 30 in oct I want to start with the anti aging skincare creams.

I love my Noxzema skin cleaner. It smells so good, and it has always worked well with my skin. So I use that. Then after I wash my face I use my Noxzema cleanings pads that also have salicylic acid on them. So it also treats my skin for zits. I am prone to zits. I always have been. Especially when my skin gets oily.
Then I use my target brand up and up moisturizer which also is good for treating/preventing zits. Then I use a primer before I put my foundation on. I have been using the rimmel and the hardcandy. I like the hard candy one more since its very soft and velvety. My favorite one though is the loreal primer. I don't use it often since there isn't much product and its like 11.00 for a tiny pot.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

N.O.T.D. Ulta and Elf

Here is my look. The only bad thing with this ulta color is that it looks like its darker in the bottle then what goes on. I had to put 3 coats on and it was still pretty sheer and light. I also put a Essence nail art on 1 nail on each hand then put a clear top coat to have the sticker stay on.

The ulta color is in crystal ball- Its a very sheer color. I wish it would of gone on the same color as what it looks like in the bottle. Overall its a good polish if you want something very light and sheer.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Small haul of goodies :)

I stopped at Kohls and found a pair of jeans that are sooo comfortable! I love them. The fabric is soft and has stretch. They are also a flare leg which I love.Then I also got a pair of earrings as well. Both from the candies brand.

Then I stopped at target and got some goodies :)

 I also got the new optic white toothpaste. It says it has the same ingredients as whitening strips so im trying it and will do a review after I use it for 1-2 weeks.

 I have been using this body wash for about a month and I love it. It smells so good. I also love the suave hairspray. It doesn't make my hair all icky.
My favorite liquid liner! then I needed a contour brush so I picked up the elf one.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wet n Wild greed and vanity palette

Ok so I decided to smoke my eyes up a bit today. I think I got it a bit darker then I wanted, so next time I will lighten it up more.

Here is what I did.
With my greed palette I took the black and put it all over my lid.
Then with vanity I took The dark brown color and put it in the crease.
Then above the crease I took The goldish Color and put that above the crease.
Then i took the lightest color on the greed and put in on my browbone.
Then I took the shimmery grey color from greed and put it all of my lid, and then took my eyeliner brush and put the same color on my bottom eyelid and lined it halfwalf and then took my finger to smudge it.

Then I used my revlon liquid eyeliner and lined my top eyelids, and put 2 coats of my maybelline falsies mascara which is in Blackest black. I always buy mascara that says its the blackest or most dramatic black :)

Products used:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

wet n wild comfort zone

So I went to wallgreens last night and picked up the wet n wild comfort zone palette.  I tried it out this morning. The only thing I dont like about the eye shadow is the fallout that happens. I had some cleaning up to do after I used it. But I do like it over all.

Here it is with the flash.
and here it is with no flash

I used all 4 colors on the left side. I used the definer as the "V" crease color. That color is a major fallout lol. I even put a piece of toilet paper under my eye when I put the color on and it somehow got under the toilet paper. Its not my favorite palette from them though. I will probably use it every now and then.

Friday, September 9, 2011

My 1st little giveaway!!

Ladies. Im going to do a tiny little giveway :) Since this is my first one I have done and im still fairly new to this im going to start small :) hehe. These are products I have bought. I would like to reach 90 followers! so as soon as I reach 90 followers im going to give this away. Please just leave me a comment on my blog letting me know how you spread the word about my blog ..twitter, facebook, blog post etc. Then once I get to my 90 I will come back to this post and pick the lucky winner. Thanks ladies.

Here is what I have.
 2 mini ulta nail polishes. A pretty purple color and a pretty blue shade. I have also 2 sally hansen french manicure polishes. Natural white and Natural color. Its not really a pink shade more of a off white i think Then a nail clipper.

 Elf Mineral shadow in the color confident. Shimmer shade. Super pretty.

She is soo gorgeous! adriana lima

Gorgeous!! Gorgeous!  It makes me want to go raid VS lol and get some cute bras! and buy some new perfumes hehe.I was on facebook and vs put some pics up of all the girls at a vs launch and I just thought Adriana just looked stunning. I haven't been to vs in forever it seems. Now that I have some new ta ta's hehe I need a new bra. Hopefully I will make it in soon. Plus there is a new heavenly perfume that im dying to try out :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

NOTW Revlon and wet n wild

Hey there dolls, so I finally got around to paint my nails last night. When I had surgery I had to take my nail polish off, so it felt amazing to put the polish back on.

Here is what I got. Revlon #370 Not so blueberry and wet n wild #238c Party of five glitters.

The Revlon is scented lightly with a blueberry scent once they dry. You can smell it only if you smell your nails lol. Its not overpowering at all.
The wet n wild is a thicker polish and has flecks of round glitter. Silver,pink,blue. Now this stuff doesnt feel icky on the nails. Its smooth.I find that when I do glitters i tend to pick at it. But I cant with this polish since its so smooth. I put it on both thumbs and then on the tips of my other finger nails.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Please go enter to win :)

Sorry I have been M.I.A due to surgery

Hi ladies. Well I have been sorta out of it for about a week now. I had surgery done on tuesday, and needless to say im healing very slowly. I had a breast augmentaion done. My main reason I did it was, because I have had 2 kids that I breast feed for awhile, and after that happens things change on a woman lol.
I was terrifed to go under. I really thought I would die and never wake up. But I pushed myself through the thoughts and went ahead and did it. I was pretty out of it after surgery. Day 1-3 were the worst. Bad pain. I have been sitting and laying in my recliner now for 6 days now. So im pretty much stiff all over now. I have been able to do more walking around my house today.

I have such wonderful family and wonderful inlaws that have been taking care of me, as well as taking care of the kids for a few days.
My parents stopped over today to bring me flowers and to grocerie shop for me. It was really nice of them to do it.

I almost think giving birth to my kids was easier then getting the implants LOL. I don't have a very high tolerance for pain. I pretty much downed my prescription of vicoden in 2 days!  I have finally been able to sleep through the night. Which is amazing. I have until next Tuesday until I can start to do all my normal activities without worries of bleeding on in the inside. So for now, im in the recliners, with the dvr playing all my shows I taped, and my cell phone is next to me, and today my laptop is :)  It gets boring sitting alone. My husband has been so good to me. Taking care of the kids and working full time. BUT I will be happy to done feeling icky and sore.