Monday, September 19, 2011

My morning skincare routine

My skincare is pretty routine. I dont do a whole lot to my skin right now. I do however want to pick up the Loreal youthcode skincare kit though. Since I will hit 30 in oct I want to start with the anti aging skincare creams.

I love my Noxzema skin cleaner. It smells so good, and it has always worked well with my skin. So I use that. Then after I wash my face I use my Noxzema cleanings pads that also have salicylic acid on them. So it also treats my skin for zits. I am prone to zits. I always have been. Especially when my skin gets oily.
Then I use my target brand up and up moisturizer which also is good for treating/preventing zits. Then I use a primer before I put my foundation on. I have been using the rimmel and the hardcandy. I like the hard candy one more since its very soft and velvety. My favorite one though is the loreal primer. I don't use it often since there isn't much product and its like 11.00 for a tiny pot.

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