Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sorry I have been M.I.A due to surgery

Hi ladies. Well I have been sorta out of it for about a week now. I had surgery done on tuesday, and needless to say im healing very slowly. I had a breast augmentaion done. My main reason I did it was, because I have had 2 kids that I breast feed for awhile, and after that happens things change on a woman lol.
I was terrifed to go under. I really thought I would die and never wake up. But I pushed myself through the thoughts and went ahead and did it. I was pretty out of it after surgery. Day 1-3 were the worst. Bad pain. I have been sitting and laying in my recliner now for 6 days now. So im pretty much stiff all over now. I have been able to do more walking around my house today.

I have such wonderful family and wonderful inlaws that have been taking care of me, as well as taking care of the kids for a few days.
My parents stopped over today to bring me flowers and to grocerie shop for me. It was really nice of them to do it.

I almost think giving birth to my kids was easier then getting the implants LOL. I don't have a very high tolerance for pain. I pretty much downed my prescription of vicoden in 2 days!  I have finally been able to sleep through the night. Which is amazing. I have until next Tuesday until I can start to do all my normal activities without worries of bleeding on in the inside. So for now, im in the recliners, with the dvr playing all my shows I taped, and my cell phone is next to me, and today my laptop is :)  It gets boring sitting alone. My husband has been so good to me. Taking care of the kids and working full time. BUT I will be happy to done feeling icky and sore.


LC said...

LOVIE! I hope you are feeling better!! I read this and I feel for you so bad!

I was planning on getting a breast reduction in fact. I still plan on doing it I am just scared to go under, as you were.

I am a tiny girl, 5'2, 118lbs. AND my breasts are a 36DD. The back pain, and chest pain, and trouble breathing kills me every single day! I do feel better knowing that you were scared but it was important to you and you went through it. It gives me confidence!

Thanks for sharing! I hope you are feeling better!


Pink Glam said...

Hi. Im feeling much much better thankfully. Sleeping on the other hand really sucks LOL. I cant get comfortable at all. Im a side sleeper and I cant sleep on my side yet. Im suppose to sleep on my back. So I think I will be sleeping in my recliner tonight lol.

But yeah I have major anxiety. Going under scared me really really bad. I about freaked while I was waiting for my dr to put me under. I asked them to give me something to calm me but I had to be in a clear state of mind until surgery.

But I came out of it fine. I had some reactions to meds, so that flared my anxiety while I was recovering. But I have awesome family and they all helped me out.

Hopefully you get to get your reduction so you can start to feel better yourself. Im 5'4" 1/2. So the D cup on me flatters my body. I might be bigger then a d,lol I wont know until everything settles down.