Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fake Bake Mistifier review

I wanted to do a review for this Fake Bake Mistifier spray lotion. For me I thought it would be a great product for a quick moisture spray. Especially for my back. Its so hard to reach your back when applying lotion. You end up looking like your doing some dance lol

So I ordered this from Dermstore. It was I believe $10.99? maybe $11.99. I cant remember. So I have tried it out a few times and I love it. Its not going to give you that super moisturized feeling that you get when you apply a lotion. This is a MIST! However it gives your skin a soft moisturized feeling. I applied it before I went to bed. I got undressed and sprayed myself everywhere. It was super fast to dry. Plus it smells AMAZING! It has this light fragrance smell. I don't know how to describe it other then "summer".

It will provides moisture without oil that leaves skin soft and silky. Can be applied before or after tanning treatments for added moisture.

I showered earlier in the day, so right before bed I wanted to test it out. It worked well. I don't recommend someone to buy it, to replace their normal lotion. This is more of a great touch up. Freshen up feeling. That will hydrate your skin.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fake Bake flawless The results!

Hey ladies! so I know I have talked before about Fake Bake Flawless, But I have never posted pics of how it turns out on my skin.
So I did 2 applications. I self tanned one night, then the next night I forgot to apply my 2nd layer, so I did it the next night. I'm trying to build up the color, that way I can apply it just once a week. Self tanners tend to fade of my skin fairly fast. Not overnight though :)
So here are the pics I took.

This was after just 1 application. Pictures taken at night with the flash. No orange tone !

These pics are of the 2nd application.

No flash >
 Flash used >
 Flash used >
 no flash used>
So as you can see by the pics, the fake bake flawless, leave my skin a natural tan color. No orange at all. I have bought this product again and again. I love it. I forgot to take pics of my legs though LOL! whoops. But its the same color as the rest of my body.

I just need to find a daily lotion that has gradual tanner in it, to just keep my tan looking fresh!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My facebook page!

Hey dolls ! come over and "like" me on my new facebook page! im lonely over there lol I find it easier to have conversations on facebook, and its easier to answer questions and just post pics and stuff :) hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Body central haul :)

So I got a few things from Body central today! yay bring on summer!

I got a cute summer floppy hat that has this cute bow on it

Then they had a sale on jewelry at the time, which was $3.00 or $3.99 lol I cant remember. But i needed some pink earrings so I bought a few.

Then i have been seeing these knotted type necklace so I went ahead and got this black one

Thankfully all of the jewelry was made really well. I have had a few pieces before that have fallen apart super easy. So im very pleased with it all.
I cant wait to head to the beach with the kids and wear my floppy hat! Sunscreen of course will be slathered all over all of us :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Im in love with this John Hardy necklace/bracelet

and I saw this necklace as well. It would be a great mothers day gift I think. I have attached the link so you can quickly view it :)
Im totally in love with this set. I love how pretty it is designed.

BAMBOO COLLECTION Interlocking Hearts Station Bracelet

BAMBOO COLLECTION Small Interlocking Hearts Pendant on Chain Necklace

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunless tanning - products I love

So since I have given up tanning in normal tanning beds and out in the sun I have needed to find good tanning options for sunless.
The ones I love im listing below :) In order of how much I love them hehe

1) Fake bake flawless- Liquid spray tan
This stuff is amazing. I have re-purchased this  a few times. It comes with gloves and a mitt. You first put the gloves on, then the mitt. The you put the pump on. Screw the cap off and insert the pump.

Then id start with applying it to your neck,chest, tummy, arms . Hands last!
I spray it onto my skin then rub it in with the mitt.

Then I spray my legs, my sides, my butt. Then once I have rub it all in, i move to my feet. I do this last so my feet don't end up soaking up the tanner and looking icky lol. The mitt will still have product on it, you wont need to spray the mitt at this point for your feet. Then I take the gloves off, and put the mitt on, and rub the mitt over my hands. Again don't spray product on the mitt. Since you want you hands to look natural. Hands and feet tend to always be the tricky part to self tanning. So I find this method  works very well :) Then you can spray the tanner on the mitt and then apply it to your face.

I also do my tanning right after I shower before bedtime. That way I don't get my skin wet before its time to wash it off. Don't wear white! lol. The bronzer does rub off onto clothes. Not a ton. You wont look like you rolled around in the bronzer.

The bronzer makes you look very dark. So once you shower you do lighten up a bit right after you have applied it.
These places all carry the fake bake flawless

 2) Sunlabs- self tanner in ultra dark

This smells like the jergens cherry scented lotion lol
It has a bronzer/olive green color when applied. This prevents the orange look. When you apply this lotion I would wear gloves then a self tanning mitt.
Ulta has a tanning mitt they sell for like $4.99 i think :)
So I would put gloves on, then the mitt, then squirt the sunlabs onto your skin, and rub it in. Again i would do hands and feet last. Sunlabs does seem to get tough to rub in, so you have to do it fast and not rub to much. The more you rub the sunlabs into 1 spot the more it starts to look weird. But this stuff does give you natural results.

I think in general as far as self tanning goes, as soon as you wash it off, that's when it looks the best.

3) Loreal sublime Airbrush self tanner- Medium natural tan

This doe not have a real color guard. So you want to make sure you follow where you apply it. This is a natural color. I like to use this on my hands and face and feet mainly. Then I like to use the sunlabs on the rest of my body. But this stuff does work well all over. The spray nozzle is a nice feature. Its a wide angle so it applys evenly.

4) Victoria secret beach sexy tinted self tanner-
 This has shimmer in it :) which is very pretty. It is also tinted. I spray my back with this. Well I should say my husband sprays my back hehe. Its natural in color. And like the rest if the spray tanners I use. I find that after you take your first shower ( after you wait 4-6 hrs to shower) that's when the color looks the best.

So I hope this was helpful. I love all the products and they all look natural.

I also recommend Versra Spray tan.Not all tanning salons offer this yet. Its just like mystic tanning, but better :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

April My Glam Bag

woot I was looking forward to the April My Glam bag after I had seen a snapshot on their main website. I saw urban decay eye pencils. I saw the color, pink, black, purple. I was totally hoping for PINK haha.
Guess what color I got GREEN! the one color i hate. This is the 2nd time My Glam sent me green makeup. But I guess I cant say to much. Since its only $10 a month, and you cant choose what you get. Its all a surprise.

So onto the bag :)

There is a cute pink cosmetic bag. 2 travel size eyemakup brushes,1 lip treatment from dermstore and 1 urban decay eye pencil. Mine was GREEN hehe. Then 1 pair of lashes. But the description is in a different language. So I thought that was pretty odd.

The lip treatment, is pretty hard to squeeze out of the tube. I'm hoping its just because it was in the mailbox, and right now, its pretty cold here in MN. But its suppose to hydrate and plump your lips. I didn't see any plumping effect. But I will keep giving it a try.

The urban decay pencil is nice. But green is not my color. So if anyone got pink or black and if if you want to swap I will swap :)

The eye brushes are pretty small. The all over color brush is pretty small. Well both are. But there cute. I love pink, so there a nice addiction to my collection.

March Favorites

So here is my small fav list.  I really didn't get much in march. I wasn't able to since my husband and I are buying our next house. So money was being saved for our down payment. So I guess I will be ok. New house instead of more makeup lol. I think I will live.

Here are a few hair products im in love with , and lip products and body wash :)

 I love this hair mask. I leave it in for about 3 mins, and it makes my hair silky smooth. The smell is amazing as well. Super fresh scent.
 I love these tone body washes. I have sensitive skin and these work so well. Plus the daily detox has small exfoliating beads. They both smell AMAZING!
 I have been searching for a new hairspray. I was using suave. But it felt like it was drying my hair out. So I got this Pantene and its great. The smell is very pretty and it doesn't leave my hair dry or sticky.
 This is my fav shampoo right now. It does make my hair feel silky when im washing it. I have damaged hair from drying it so much, so this helps it out :)
 Then these elf balms. Nice and natural is a more nude color. Peaceful pink is a very pretty pink. I actually pair both colors together to get the perfect shade. They are very moisturizing as well. They also have spf 15 in them.
 My fav gloss is this Nyx in the color Pink Gold. I get complements on it all the time. Plus the smell is so nice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miz Outlet review

Hey girls :) So I have been super busy with selling my home, and buying the next one. I barely have time to breath lol.
Anyway a few weeks back I ordered some jewelry from a company called Miz Outlet. Their jewelry is super cute and very affordable. Plus they carry a little of everything else for accessories and makeup.

I got my package and it was carefully packed and it shipped pretty fast. So I bought earrings, bracelets, and a necklace and a few other things.

 super cute headband. I have worn it once so far and got compliments.
 super cute black earrings.
 The wrap bracelet im unsure of . I don't know if it looks good on me or not.

 Then I got these 3 bracelets. Super cute and very easy to wear.

 They all have this type of pull (friendship bracelet style)
 lashes of course :)
 then I got these cute bra straps with rhinestones
 love this necklace. It was missing a stone, but for like under $2.00 this is a well made necklace
 Then I got this cute adjustable ring. Well made.

Over all my total price was like $17.00 for everything I believe, and i think i got $1.95 charged for shipping. Overall I really like the quality and would buy again from this company :)