Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Miz Outlet review

Hey girls :) So I have been super busy with selling my home, and buying the next one. I barely have time to breath lol.
Anyway a few weeks back I ordered some jewelry from a company called Miz Outlet. Their jewelry is super cute and very affordable. Plus they carry a little of everything else for accessories and makeup.

I got my package and it was carefully packed and it shipped pretty fast. So I bought earrings, bracelets, and a necklace and a few other things.

 super cute headband. I have worn it once so far and got compliments.
 super cute black earrings.
 The wrap bracelet im unsure of . I don't know if it looks good on me or not.

 Then I got these 3 bracelets. Super cute and very easy to wear.

 They all have this type of pull (friendship bracelet style)
 lashes of course :)
 then I got these cute bra straps with rhinestones
 love this necklace. It was missing a stone, but for like under $2.00 this is a well made necklace
 Then I got this cute adjustable ring. Well made.

Over all my total price was like $17.00 for everything I believe, and i think i got $1.95 charged for shipping. Overall I really like the quality and would buy again from this company :)


Brandy said...

Wow!! What a great deal for all of the jewelry. Really love the black earrings, wrap bracelet, and the other bracelets. Very pretty.

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Pink Glam said...

thanks :) yeah i love it all. I was so happy with it.