Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fake Bake flawless The results!

Hey ladies! so I know I have talked before about Fake Bake Flawless, But I have never posted pics of how it turns out on my skin.
So I did 2 applications. I self tanned one night, then the next night I forgot to apply my 2nd layer, so I did it the next night. I'm trying to build up the color, that way I can apply it just once a week. Self tanners tend to fade of my skin fairly fast. Not overnight though :)
So here are the pics I took.

This was after just 1 application. Pictures taken at night with the flash. No orange tone !

These pics are of the 2nd application.

No flash >
 Flash used >
 Flash used >
 no flash used>
So as you can see by the pics, the fake bake flawless, leave my skin a natural tan color. No orange at all. I have bought this product again and again. I love it. I forgot to take pics of my legs though LOL! whoops. But its the same color as the rest of my body.

I just need to find a daily lotion that has gradual tanner in it, to just keep my tan looking fresh!


Dani said...

It looks great! I ended up buying the Fake Bake ultra dark tanning gel. I love it so far. I thought that since it is a gel that it would streak easier but it really doesn't.

Pink Glam said...

Oh really.. i totally thought the gel would streak.. I saw a video on youtube for it, and the girl had awful streaks lol
I want to give more of the fake bake line a try. I feel like I need maybe a lotion for my legs, so i can make them more dark lol for summer.

GlamorousMama said...

Have you tried the foam? I like it. But I literally have to sit forever before it drys

Pink Glam said...

Nope I never tried the foam. Im to impatient to sit for awhile before I get

Jessi Rene said...

lovely tan lady I just got my first fake bake flawless in the mail and I cant wait to get my tan on tonight!! p.s I am a totally straight girl but I gotta say your boobs are great!

Pink Glam said...

@jESSI :) Thank you .. You will love the self tanner. Im addicted to it.. 2 yrs and still going strong on it.