Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sunless tanning - products I love

So since I have given up tanning in normal tanning beds and out in the sun I have needed to find good tanning options for sunless.
The ones I love im listing below :) In order of how much I love them hehe

1) Fake bake flawless- Liquid spray tan
This stuff is amazing. I have re-purchased this  a few times. It comes with gloves and a mitt. You first put the gloves on, then the mitt. The you put the pump on. Screw the cap off and insert the pump.

Then id start with applying it to your neck,chest, tummy, arms . Hands last!
I spray it onto my skin then rub it in with the mitt.

Then I spray my legs, my sides, my butt. Then once I have rub it all in, i move to my feet. I do this last so my feet don't end up soaking up the tanner and looking icky lol. The mitt will still have product on it, you wont need to spray the mitt at this point for your feet. Then I take the gloves off, and put the mitt on, and rub the mitt over my hands. Again don't spray product on the mitt. Since you want you hands to look natural. Hands and feet tend to always be the tricky part to self tanning. So I find this method  works very well :) Then you can spray the tanner on the mitt and then apply it to your face.

I also do my tanning right after I shower before bedtime. That way I don't get my skin wet before its time to wash it off. Don't wear white! lol. The bronzer does rub off onto clothes. Not a ton. You wont look like you rolled around in the bronzer.

The bronzer makes you look very dark. So once you shower you do lighten up a bit right after you have applied it.
These places all carry the fake bake flawless

 2) Sunlabs- self tanner in ultra dark

This smells like the jergens cherry scented lotion lol
It has a bronzer/olive green color when applied. This prevents the orange look. When you apply this lotion I would wear gloves then a self tanning mitt.
Ulta has a tanning mitt they sell for like $4.99 i think :)
So I would put gloves on, then the mitt, then squirt the sunlabs onto your skin, and rub it in. Again i would do hands and feet last. Sunlabs does seem to get tough to rub in, so you have to do it fast and not rub to much. The more you rub the sunlabs into 1 spot the more it starts to look weird. But this stuff does give you natural results.

I think in general as far as self tanning goes, as soon as you wash it off, that's when it looks the best.

3) Loreal sublime Airbrush self tanner- Medium natural tan

This doe not have a real color guard. So you want to make sure you follow where you apply it. This is a natural color. I like to use this on my hands and face and feet mainly. Then I like to use the sunlabs on the rest of my body. But this stuff does work well all over. The spray nozzle is a nice feature. Its a wide angle so it applys evenly.

4) Victoria secret beach sexy tinted self tanner-
 This has shimmer in it :) which is very pretty. It is also tinted. I spray my back with this. Well I should say my husband sprays my back hehe. Its natural in color. And like the rest if the spray tanners I use. I find that after you take your first shower ( after you wait 4-6 hrs to shower) that's when the color looks the best.

So I hope this was helpful. I love all the products and they all look natural.

I also recommend Versra Spray tan.Not all tanning salons offer this yet. Its just like mystic tanning, but better :)


Dani said...

Do you like the fake bake or sun labs better? I use the sun labs right now and I like it but I have been thinking about trying the fake bake!

Pink Glam said...

Forsure the fake bake :) it dries super quick when you put it on. Its also pretty goof proof. Even if you apply to much or miss a spot you will be able to tell within like 20 mins and then you can fix it. I love it. It smells like coconut as well. Its also a thin spray. Just liquid.

WitchHazel said...

Fake Bake is my favorite self tanner, but I haven't tried this one with the mitt. This is definitely on my shopping list for my next trip to Ulta!