Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hair care- new products

So I have bought the following new hair products

The flat ironing spray I really like. It smells amazing, and it did give me some frizz control. It was a very warm night out, and I spray it on, and then straightened my hair with my flat iron. I will keep using this.
Then the blow dry spray smelled really good and it also has the argan oil. Which is super good for your hair. It also helped me comb through my hair after it was washed.

Overall both of these products I do love.

I also have the shine spray which I used in the below picture.


Hey :) so I went out for a friends b-day this past saturday night and here is my look. Enjoy.

I did my smokey eye, and applied my fake eye lashes. Then I applied bronzer all over my face, and blush on my cheeks. I also used urban decay midnight cowboy as my highlighter under my brows. Then I used benefit's high beam on my cheeks. Then I straightened my hair out, and teased it, and sprayed  victoria secrets heavenly shimmer spray in my hair to give it some glitter affect. Then I paired everything with my sparkly jewels. Hoop earrings, and my LV necklace, and a pretty ring.

 too faced and urban decay eye shadow- silver all of my lids and the black shimmer in the crease and corner.. then i used the urban decay as my highlight under my brow. Then I used my revlon colorstay eye liner and my maybelline mascara
 I used these fake eyes lashes to make my eyes pop, I threw them out after I used them.. but here is the number for the lashes.

click on the makeup picture, it will link to my other post, to show you the name of the products and the colors. It is my go to makeup.

Friday, July 22, 2011

My little beauty :)

So far this is one pic I have of Alexia's little photo shoot :) I will upload some more later.

She is just to pretty to not share her pic hehe.

Monday, July 18, 2011

N.Y.C nailpolish

So this shade of pink I wear a lot. I get tons of compliments on it all the time.

Its the NYC 111A Fuchsia shock cream- color

Its such a pretty bold pink shade. I love it! and it doesn't need more then a coat of polish. 2 coats will make it look even better. The lasting power is good for a few days before the ends of the nails start to dull out. But I think its worth the $1.99 I believe i paid for it at target :)

I took the pic with no flash at night time inside my house. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not so much beauty but its my own DIY :)

Here is the before pics of the chair my parents gave me

and the after

spray paint,and new fabric :) I did pretty good i think. hehe

Shoe dazzle :)

So I ordered my 1st pair of nude heels :) The sold out today, and I happen to place my order yesterday thankfully :) so im awaiting there arrival and Im crossing my fingers they fit ok. It said they are 1/4 small.LOL
So we will see.

Hair spray HELP!!!

Ok ladies, I'm in need of a new hairspray. I want to find something that I can brush my hair every night, and not get that left over residue in my hair. I always used aussie sprunch spray a few yrs back, then they changed the scent and I didn't like it. Now I'm trying the suave touchable finish. 

Which I like...but what else is good out there? That gives a touchable finish, but holds well and smells good of course! 
I have tried this, but didn't love it.. and didn't like the smell :(

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My weekend

I thought I would post a few pics from the weekend :)

Me and my princess Alexia Grace

me :)
how did i create my look?

Dress: wet seal (smocked)
necklace: LV square CZ necklace
colorstay fondation- early tan
hard candy- bronzer
loreal lipgloss: passion fruit
maybelline mascara: colossal volum in glam black
revlon colorstay eye liner:blackest black
wet n wild palette : sweet as candy
I also have a dot of glitter on top of my eyeliner on each eye. 

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Want to try an win some awesome makeup? go follow http://heartkristel.blogspot.com/2011/07/my-10-favorite-nyx-round-listpick.html

and follow her blog :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 4th weekend

So my wonderful and gorgeous ladies. What are your plans for the 4th?

For me I must say this will is going to suck! I got strep on Friday, so im still contagious at the moment :( bummer right?? well to top it off my husband got it, and both of my kids! Gotta love being sick in the summer. What a time for it. Why couldn't I get this during the winter when I don't mind being stuck inside.

Well on the 4th I'm planning a nice barb-q and we are going to shoot of some fireworks and then have a bonfire. I'm hoping to feel much better by Monday.

Have a fun and safe 4th of July weekend. 

Friday, July 1, 2011

Jewels!!! how can a girl resisit :)

Here are my lovely pink jewels :)

                                                       Body Central- Pink stretchy bracelet

                                                      Body central black earrings
                                           The pink and black feather earrings are from target and the pink necklace with   the long chain is candies! from kohls.
                                          White house black market- necklace! I got so many compliments wearing this, found it on ebay :)

Im wearing the pink candies necklace in the pic below :) black tank is from kohls as well :)

Some of my finds*nailpolish and lipgloss*

Ok so I got some cute polish and some lip gloss over the last few days. Here is what I got.

  • Left to right: Hard candy-*fabuluxe* gorgeous glittery pink ( the worst for coming off. It took me over 10 mins to get it off my nails, and I had to scrape it off )
  • Revlon-Just tinted - color is* desire*...very pretty pink color, matte in color. I applied 3 coats since i didn't like the color very sheer.
  • Revlon- *not so berry color*..haven't tried this yet, but looks like a very pretty shimmery purple
  • wet n wild fast dry -* party of five glitters*- haven't tried it yet, but I plan to put it maybe on the tips of my finger nails - Pinks, silvers blues glitter flakes .
  • Wet n wild fast dry- *Hannah pinktana*- pretty purple shimmer color
  • then lastly - Hard Candy- *sky color*. I have never worn blue polish but this was sooo pretty!

Then for my lip gloss :)

wet n wild -* cotton candy* smells so yummy and its a sheer bright pink i like it because if this was just a normal dark pink/hot pink it would not look good on me. I really like it

Loreal colour Juice *passion fruit squeeze* smells good, but it's thick. This is a nude shade. Matte..I was hoping for a bit of shine but it doesn't have a whole lot.  I wont buy this one again. I plan to wear it every now and then with a gloss on top to make it feel not so thick