Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hey :) so I went out for a friends b-day this past saturday night and here is my look. Enjoy.

I did my smokey eye, and applied my fake eye lashes. Then I applied bronzer all over my face, and blush on my cheeks. I also used urban decay midnight cowboy as my highlighter under my brows. Then I used benefit's high beam on my cheeks. Then I straightened my hair out, and teased it, and sprayed  victoria secrets heavenly shimmer spray in my hair to give it some glitter affect. Then I paired everything with my sparkly jewels. Hoop earrings, and my LV necklace, and a pretty ring.

 too faced and urban decay eye shadow- silver all of my lids and the black shimmer in the crease and corner.. then i used the urban decay as my highlight under my brow. Then I used my revlon colorstay eye liner and my maybelline mascara
 I used these fake eyes lashes to make my eyes pop, I threw them out after I used them.. but here is the number for the lashes.

click on the makeup picture, it will link to my other post, to show you the name of the products and the colors. It is my go to makeup.


Jenny said...

Oooo, loving this look! Your hair is SUPER shiny, too! What do you do for conditioning (if anything)?

Pink Glam said...

Thank you very much Jenny. Im going to also do a review for the hair products I used, that I was really happy with. I will email what I used.

HeatherAMarie said...

your eyes look amazing!! love the jewelry too!


Pink Glam said...

thank you heather :)

ashleighjoan said...

i've just started using revlon photoready and i love it! your makeup looks amazing!

Pink Glam said...

thank you ashleigh :)

Jenn said...

this looks so pretty!