Friday, July 1, 2011

Some of my finds*nailpolish and lipgloss*

Ok so I got some cute polish and some lip gloss over the last few days. Here is what I got.

  • Left to right: Hard candy-*fabuluxe* gorgeous glittery pink ( the worst for coming off. It took me over 10 mins to get it off my nails, and I had to scrape it off )
  • Revlon-Just tinted - color is* desire*...very pretty pink color, matte in color. I applied 3 coats since i didn't like the color very sheer.
  • Revlon- *not so berry color*..haven't tried this yet, but looks like a very pretty shimmery purple
  • wet n wild fast dry -* party of five glitters*- haven't tried it yet, but I plan to put it maybe on the tips of my finger nails - Pinks, silvers blues glitter flakes .
  • Wet n wild fast dry- *Hannah pinktana*- pretty purple shimmer color
  • then lastly - Hard Candy- *sky color*. I have never worn blue polish but this was sooo pretty!

Then for my lip gloss :)

wet n wild -* cotton candy* smells so yummy and its a sheer bright pink i like it because if this was just a normal dark pink/hot pink it would not look good on me. I really like it

Loreal colour Juice *passion fruit squeeze* smells good, but it's thick. This is a nude shade. Matte..I was hoping for a bit of shine but it doesn't have a whole lot.  I wont buy this one again. I plan to wear it every now and then with a gloss on top to make it feel not so thick

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Grofi said...

I just bought pink nail polish like yours ;)