Sunday, November 20, 2011

F.O.T.D loreal,wet n wild,revlon

Here is what I did today :) I had some extra time to get my makeup on while my daughter was sleeping so I decided to do a look today.

I used the wet n wild palette "sweet as candy" for the eyeshadow. Following the color guide.  I used the light pink on the eyelid, and the light brown color for my crease and blended it well, then I used the brow highlight color.

I used my elf studio brushes

I also used the hard candy  fox in a box blush in "spicy and sweet" on my cheekbones.

I like that this blush isn't over powering. Its a nice blend of all the colors. I swirl them all together.

Then on my lips i used the Loreal colour juice color is tuti fruit. Ulta had this color. I couldn't find any stores that had this color other then ulta online. The color in the tube is the color of the cap. I didn't know that when I bought it lol i thought i was buying a more nude color.. but i do love the color. With the flash on my lips appear more bright however.
Then for the rest of my look:
Revlon eyeliner
Revlon foundation
Revlon mascara- this is new and not sure I like it. It does seem to flake. I will do a review.
Maybelliine eyebrow pencil
physiciansformula happy glow bronzer

I also used the elf powder brush which is basically a stipple brush. I love it! First time I did my foundation with it and I love it.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just ordered these :)

Ok so i kept going back and forth on these.. but i just put my order in! eekkk i hope they fit lol

Here is shoedazzles website if you want to sign up and grab a pair :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ulta and Target haul + review on NADS and revlon lipbutter

So I went to Ulta this past weekend and it was just packed LOL Christmas sale has begun! hehe. I got great products.

First of all I got some christmas gifts for a friend so I cant put those pics up hehe. But I found this super cute ring! who knew ulta would have some jewelry but they do right now. Rings! The ring has an adjustable band so it will fit anyone. I normally don't wear long rings like this but I loved it. It has a few black rhinestones that add to how pretty it is . I bought it for $9.80 I think. It was under $10 for sure.

After ulta I headed to target. My main reason was to get my eyebrow wax. I have been buying NADS eyebrow wax for the past few yrs and LOVE LOVE it. There is no heating to do. It comes in a wand and you twist the bottom to have the wax gel come out of the top then you apply it to the area that needs to be waxed. Then you leave it sit for a few seconds with the fabric wax strip they provide, then pull off the strip and bamm you have cleaned up brows. I love it. I wont ever buy anything else.
Its 7.99 at target and I know ulta has it.

Then I also picked up more of the baby lips by maybelline. I love the quenched since its sheer and smells good. But I also got fruit punch this time. Im not a big fan of it. It wasn't as smooth as the quenched and the color wasn't to sheer. It gave my lips a hot pink look almost when I thought it would be more sheer. So sometimes I layer it over quenched for a hint of color.

I also picked up the revlon lipbutter! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is such a pretty pink color. It is more on the natural side so its a great everyday color. Its non drying as well!

Revlons sweet tart nailpolish

Ok so I love the color in the bottle. But I have found when im in a store under lighting it is more coral pink... or a neon coral pink. That is how it appear on my nails. I love Revlon polish though. It has wonderful staying power and its always $5.99 or less. They always have pretty new colors or limited edition.

This color is in sweet tart

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My favorite perfume right now

So I have 3 main perfumes im loving right now. All are under $40.00. I dont like heavy smelling perfume. It makes me get a headache. So I wear light scents.  These are my go to everyday scents. If im going out I normally will put on my Ed Hardy perfume. Im in love with it. Its more pricey so I don't wear it all the time.

 I love this express perfume. I got it as a set I believe back in the spring and love it! So pretty and light.
 I also have this charlotte Russe spray. Love it as well. This is more of a warm scent. But also light. Im horrible at describing scents so I wont even try LOL
 I just got the VS Incredible mist. This reminds me of their amber romance scent. Its a warm light scent. I love it. And it comes in a pretty pink bottle to. I BUY just about anything in PINK lol

Outfit of the day :)

So I went out to celebrate my friends birthday this past weekend. We went to the casino. I didnt win anything :(  I never win at the casino lol but it was a lot of fun. Here is my outfit I wore.

 Me and the birthday girl :) she is my best friend Tiffany. I was so excited to celebrate her day with her.

Jeans- charlotte russe
tank- target
pink shrug- wet seal
necklace- wet seal
bracelets- they were a gift so I dont know where they came from.
shoes- candies clogs

Makeup I kept the same as always...
Revlon colorstay foundation
maybelline falsies flared mascara
revlon liquid eye liner
revlon colorstay pressed powder
elf fushia pink blush
benefits high beam on my cheekbone to highlight
eyeshadow was the naked palette. last 2 dark colors blended.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mary And Dyer- Such a sweet fellow blogger

Ok I gotta love Mary and Dyer. Ever since I have been blogging Mary stops by my page and always leaves me such sweet comments on my posts. Im so happy she has a wonderful new online store now. With such pretty and unique peices. Its a big accomplishment to have your own buiness. It takes alot of hard work and dedication. So im so happy for Mary and Dyer. She has such wonderful values and does alot for the community as well.

Please go check them out :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Revlons Innocent nailpolish

I love this shade. It is so pretty and it has a pretty glitter look without the glitter feel.
When you first apply it, it will feel like your applying the glitter polish. It is a thicker nail polish. However if you do one coat it will start to fade off in a few days. I would recommend 2 coats of polish.

Its overall just a super pretty shade. I got this at ulta when I last made a trip there. I think it was $4.99.

Garnier Ultra lift eyeroller review

So after turning 30 in oct I decided to start taking better care of myself. One of them being my skin. So I have been using Loreal youthcode for about a month now.. and now I have added this into my routine.

It is soo easy to use. It has a little silver roller ball on the end of it. You just roll it along your undereye area. Where ever you see wrinkles, crowsfeet. It says you can see results after 4 weeks, but i could see results after about 2 weeks. I love this stuff. It is best to use it morning and night. You can apply it under makeup and it doesnt leave your skin oily either. It absorbs into the skin right away.

I bought mine at target for $12.99 and its very worth it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I had so much fun this yr. My daughter now is at the perfect age to take trick or treating. She is 1 1/2 and her brother is 9 yrs old. The perfect combo :)
Lexi was a fairy and tyler was a wicked jester lol boys and their costumes. Here are a few pics. and btw Lexi would not let us take her halloween bucket away from here lol it was the cutest thing.. -plus hearing her say trick or treat was priceless.

My husband and the kids :)