Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My favorite perfume right now

So I have 3 main perfumes im loving right now. All are under $40.00. I dont like heavy smelling perfume. It makes me get a headache. So I wear light scents.  These are my go to everyday scents. If im going out I normally will put on my Ed Hardy perfume. Im in love with it. Its more pricey so I don't wear it all the time.

 I love this express perfume. I got it as a set I believe back in the spring and love it! So pretty and light.
 I also have this charlotte Russe spray. Love it as well. This is more of a warm scent. But also light. Im horrible at describing scents so I wont even try LOL
 I just got the VS Incredible mist. This reminds me of their amber romance scent. Its a warm light scent. I love it. And it comes in a pretty pink bottle to. I BUY just about anything in PINK lol

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