Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fake bake flawless and Victoria secret beach sexy

Here is my recent tanning video :)


So Im in love with the Fake Bake Flawless tanning mist. ( $23-25)  It is pretty easy to use and you get 100% natural looking color. You do get a bit of the tanner smell by morning if you use it before bed, but the smell washes right off, along with the color guard. There is a nice amount of color you get as soon as you apply it. Which is great so you know where it goes.

The color fades off evenly as well.

Then I use the victoria secret beach sexy self tanner on my hands lightly and my back. I have the hubby spray my back lol
It has a pretty shimmer to it, and a light scent. It also does dry pretty fast with no streaking and does have a light color guard bronzer to it as well.
"Give skin a sexy flash of instant and lasting golden color. Tinted self-tanner applies in a fine airbrush mist for a streak- free bronze that develops into a lasting tan within hours." That was taken from the victoria secret website :) it does do it all.

I love using both of these!
 This was $12 on the Victoria secret website