Friday, February 3, 2012

wanna see what I have been up to??

Well over the last 2 weeks we have been remodeling our lower level of our house, We bought our house 3 yrs ago come this July. We plan to sell the house this spring. So we had to make it pretty hehe.
We wanted to do the updated when we first moved in, but life got hectic.

So anyway. We had to rip out the ugly grey carpet we had that had green border lol and then we needed to paint the family room a more neutral color. To appeal to all buyers. The room was red, and had oak trim and oak ledges. The ledges got white paint, and the walls got a med grey shade.

It was a very time consuming project. I ripped up all the carpet and the carpet pad all by myself :) little miss girly girl hehe. Then I had to take out the carpet tack strips.. and that was a huge pain in the butt!

overall it was a ton of work and i even lost 2 pds doing it ROFL!

Here are some pics :)



the fireplace insert was gold
 before of the chairs.. these are ones that my parents gave me and I re-did them

 after of the chairs- black paint and new fabric made them look new again
 I painted the insert black, and the mantel white and the ledges around the room white
 Nice new light wood flooring.. the whole lower level got this floor, along with my sons room and my makeup room. I will post those pics later
 hallway after- new baseboard-flooring
 looking down into the family room.. keep in mind, the old carpet was grey with green border lol
 before- after i took out the carpet-
 our baseboard we chose

 me taking the carpet out of my makeup room.. thats how the carpet looked everywhere downstairs


TamaraB♡ said...

Seriously, you did an awesome job! I love the wood floor look. And did I read that you have a MAKE-UP ROOM???!!! I am beyond envious!!! Pics would be wonderful...:) I love the new look. Good luck selling it, I'm sure you will get tons of offers.

Pink Glam said...

Thank you very much. Your sweet. Yup i have a makeup room :) i just need to tear down some wallpaper then paint. The i can take pics of the remodel.

Anonymous said...

the chairs are so cute! that room looks so good!


Good job! That looks like a lot of work!!! But I really love what you did to those chairs, they're so much classier now ;]

Anonymous said...

Whooo you been busy, everything looks great. Hard work always pays off. I have a great giveaway on my blog if you want to enter =)

alicia said...

wow- amazing job!! love the idea of a makeup room. ;)

Pink Glam said...

Thanks ladies. I cant wait to show you my makeup room :) i love how the chairs look now :)

Pich and Roor said...

Aww it looks GREAT!!! We just moved into our new place & I can't wait to decorate it :)

Life Size Barbie said...

Love before&afters! Those chairs are to die for!
My bedroom is under construction..I can't wait for it to be finished!