Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Beauty Test Tube- Summer

So I finally decided I would go about and try out The test tube. It seemed like a great value so I gave it a shot. With shipping it cost me about $39. Which is steep for a sample type service.

I got the test tube and when I opened it, I knew right away it was well worth the money. I did receive a few full size products which made up for the price. The tube all together was worth way way more then $39.

Here is what I got. If you would like to see a review for anything just let me know.

 They give you a booklet that shows what each product is and the use for it, and how much the retail one is.

My fav baby pink color. Reminds me of essie figi
Pantene smells so amazing!

 This stuff is thick and has a light natural scent. Full size was $52 I think. I was super excited to get this size to try it out.
 This is a full size worth $17-$18 on Tartes website. A rollerball oil. Great for any dry areas, as well as on your face for acne scaring.

 The leave in spray is amazing!
 Purity smells fresh and natural.
 This is a universal brow color in taupe. The heavier you apply the darker it gets. I have soft black hair, and it darkens up well enough to match my eyebrows wonderfully. This is a full size worth $12

 This was a tiny sample, but I haven't gotten around to trying this. It is a primer.

 I think this is a great value for $29.00 and even with shipping bringing it to $39 it was worth it.

 Night cream. Smells nice. Very moisturizing.

Friday, August 16, 2013

My twitter

Ladies my old twitter was hacked :(  stupid hackers. I was not able to retrieve it as the hacker changed the email acct that was associated with the acct.

Here is my new one.


Old one was jillanderson81

I just switched it around.

Please also check out my youtube :)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear Illuminating Finish -Review

I'm on a roll with my Physicians Formula products. I have been on a kick with trying new stuff from the line. Next up is this face powder.
I got mine in Translucent. I also got the Illuminating powder and not the matte. Since I was looking for something that would give me a nice subtle glow. More of a wide awake, rested glow.

This totally does it for me. I have been using it daily and love it. I use my real techniques Powder blush to apply this, and it blends very well.


  • Blends well
  • Goes on smooth
  • Very subtle sheen
  • Gives a rested awake look


  • There is a perfume smell to the powder, so if you don't like scented products don't buy. I love scented products so I didn't mind it. You can't smell it after it is applied. 

 The brush is pretty big. I don't use the brush however.

 Very very light sheen to this powder.

Applying it with my real techniques brush makes application so easy.

Physicians Formula Powder Mineral Glow Pearls- Translucent Pearl

Hey lovies.

I wanted to review this highlighting powder. I got mine at Target for $11.99-$ 12.99. I got the color Translucent Pearl. I have heard this is the universal shade for everyone. However looking at it, you wouldn't think so.

Here are my swatches.

This is a very pretty color. I use a light hand when I use this highlighting powder as it is very pigmented. Which is great because for the money you spend on this, you actually don't waste any.

Verdict :

Yes yes buy hehe. I love it. It is a gorgeous shade and how cute is the product!

Xen tan Moroccan' Tan Review

I bought this at Ulta a few weeks back. I tried it twice and did not love it :(
I was hoping I would but for me this did not work well.

Then color guard is super dark. I mean SUUUPPER dark. I looked like I had baked on the beach for days. It was not easy to apply. It literally took to the spot I dabbed it on, and it didn't smooth around very easy. So it made application time take forever.

I left it on for just over an hour since I felt like it was making my skin itch. So I showered it off. I then tried it again a few days later, and it was the same result. It was just not easy to blend out. It is a lotion formula. I would compare it to sun goddess. That formula did not work for my skin. I have dry skin. I even apply moisturizer before I apply a sunless lotion. However it did not help with my xen tan.


  • It did smell pretty good. 
  • Color guard is awesome.


  • Not easy to blend.
  • Small tube for the amount you pay $38.00
  • It did not come with gloves or a mitt.
  • It does not dry SUPER quick. I think lotions in general take longer then sprays.
My verdict-

This does not work well on dry skin. If you are oily or normal, then this will work for you. This is just my opinion and how it worked on me. It might work great on others :) 

Physicians formula Mineral Glow Pearls- Natural Pearl

Wow I haven't blogged in so long it feels. I have had a busy summer, which is a good thing. I have picked up 2 products from Physicians formula, well actually 3 LoL and im in love with them each. So I will review each one separately.

First off is the Blush.

1) It blends beautifully
2) Color pay off is great
3) You really don't need a highlight if you use this blush. This has a gorgeous sheen and tad bit of shimmer.

1) Physicians formula is not sold everywhere. I had to go to a different target in my city to grab this.. That was my only problem.
2) I wish the actually packaging was a tad thinner, that way it was easier to store or stack on top of another blush.


I say go for it :) buy it. I love it. 

I got this at target for $11.99 I believe.

 This is a heavy swatch
 This is the blush blended out. For a gorgeous color.