Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Beauty Test Tube- Summer

So I finally decided I would go about and try out The test tube. It seemed like a great value so I gave it a shot. With shipping it cost me about $39. Which is steep for a sample type service.

I got the test tube and when I opened it, I knew right away it was well worth the money. I did receive a few full size products which made up for the price. The tube all together was worth way way more then $39.

Here is what I got. If you would like to see a review for anything just let me know.

 They give you a booklet that shows what each product is and the use for it, and how much the retail one is.

My fav baby pink color. Reminds me of essie figi
Pantene smells so amazing!

 This stuff is thick and has a light natural scent. Full size was $52 I think. I was super excited to get this size to try it out.
 This is a full size worth $17-$18 on Tartes website. A rollerball oil. Great for any dry areas, as well as on your face for acne scaring.

 The leave in spray is amazing!
 Purity smells fresh and natural.
 This is a universal brow color in taupe. The heavier you apply the darker it gets. I have soft black hair, and it darkens up well enough to match my eyebrows wonderfully. This is a full size worth $12

 This was a tiny sample, but I haven't gotten around to trying this. It is a primer.

 I think this is a great value for $29.00 and even with shipping bringing it to $39 it was worth it.

 Night cream. Smells nice. Very moisturizing.


Huda said...

You're right. The price is way more than I would be comfortable paying a month for that, but I also do agree that the products, especially with some of them being full size, make up for that price. Thanks for sharing!


Pink Glam said...

Yeah if there, was only 1 full size, the price would be way to high. So far im pretty happy with it. I have a youtube video I will link this week for the blog topic.

Dolci della vita said...

No news for a long time. Looks like our Pink Mummy is busy with other things, what is not bad too. :-)
Well, I just wanted to wish you and your family Beautiful and Merry Christmas! :-*

Pink Glam said...

@dolci della vita I had a wonderful christmas thank you :) I have been busy with my youtube, but im going to start blogging more :)

MNHousewives said...

Wow!! That is a ton of goodies, I've never heard of the test tube, but now i'm intrigued.

Pink Glam said...

@mnhousewives Its a great subscription service. I love it