Thursday, August 8, 2013

Physicians formula Mineral Glow Pearls- Natural Pearl

Wow I haven't blogged in so long it feels. I have had a busy summer, which is a good thing. I have picked up 2 products from Physicians formula, well actually 3 LoL and im in love with them each. So I will review each one separately.

First off is the Blush.

1) It blends beautifully
2) Color pay off is great
3) You really don't need a highlight if you use this blush. This has a gorgeous sheen and tad bit of shimmer.

1) Physicians formula is not sold everywhere. I had to go to a different target in my city to grab this.. That was my only problem.
2) I wish the actually packaging was a tad thinner, that way it was easier to store or stack on top of another blush.


I say go for it :) buy it. I love it. 

I got this at target for $11.99 I believe.

 This is a heavy swatch
 This is the blush blended out. For a gorgeous color.

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