Thursday, June 20, 2013

Veet Easy Wax- Electrical Roll-On Kit

I was sent the Veet Easy Wax kit from Influenster for testing. How awesome is this kit! When I first opened the box I was like "wow" This kit has everything you need for a perfect finish on your body! So you can be summer ready! beach sexy and loving life.
1) You get the applicator- This is what you apply your wax to your body. It has a roller on the end of it.
2) The wax refill. You put this into the wax applicator.
3) You get the cord, so you can plug this in and warm the wax! easy as pie :)
4) It comes with the wax strips as well as the finishing wipes to use.

The only concept I dont like is that it takes 30 mins to heat this up :( So if you are short on time this wouldn't be what I would use. Good ol shaver would be best if you need a quick fix.

This is such a handy little device to have! Retail at walmart is $29.95 I believe.

Go out and grab this. If you like to wax you will love this!


Ashley Brooke said...

oohhh I might have to go and pick this set up! Thanks for the recommendation!

Pink Glam said...

Your welcome :) thanks for checking my blog out.