Thursday, August 8, 2013

Xen tan Moroccan' Tan Review

I bought this at Ulta a few weeks back. I tried it twice and did not love it :(
I was hoping I would but for me this did not work well.

Then color guard is super dark. I mean SUUUPPER dark. I looked like I had baked on the beach for days. It was not easy to apply. It literally took to the spot I dabbed it on, and it didn't smooth around very easy. So it made application time take forever.

I left it on for just over an hour since I felt like it was making my skin itch. So I showered it off. I then tried it again a few days later, and it was the same result. It was just not easy to blend out. It is a lotion formula. I would compare it to sun goddess. That formula did not work for my skin. I have dry skin. I even apply moisturizer before I apply a sunless lotion. However it did not help with my xen tan.


  • It did smell pretty good. 
  • Color guard is awesome.


  • Not easy to blend.
  • Small tube for the amount you pay $38.00
  • It did not come with gloves or a mitt.
  • It does not dry SUPER quick. I think lotions in general take longer then sprays.
My verdict-

This does not work well on dry skin. If you are oily or normal, then this will work for you. This is just my opinion and how it worked on me. It might work great on others :) 

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