Friday, April 13, 2012

April My Glam Bag

woot I was looking forward to the April My Glam bag after I had seen a snapshot on their main website. I saw urban decay eye pencils. I saw the color, pink, black, purple. I was totally hoping for PINK haha.
Guess what color I got GREEN! the one color i hate. This is the 2nd time My Glam sent me green makeup. But I guess I cant say to much. Since its only $10 a month, and you cant choose what you get. Its all a surprise.

So onto the bag :)

There is a cute pink cosmetic bag. 2 travel size eyemakup brushes,1 lip treatment from dermstore and 1 urban decay eye pencil. Mine was GREEN hehe. Then 1 pair of lashes. But the description is in a different language. So I thought that was pretty odd.

The lip treatment, is pretty hard to squeeze out of the tube. I'm hoping its just because it was in the mailbox, and right now, its pretty cold here in MN. But its suppose to hydrate and plump your lips. I didn't see any plumping effect. But I will keep giving it a try.

The urban decay pencil is nice. But green is not my color. So if anyone got pink or black and if if you want to swap I will swap :)

The eye brushes are pretty small. The all over color brush is pretty small. Well both are. But there cute. I love pink, so there a nice addiction to my collection.

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GlamorousMama said...

I am a little irratated at the lashes,after sitting and thinking about it for a while. I am not putting something on my face that is in a different language! I dunno it just bugs me lol