Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Body central haul :)

So I got a few things from Body central today! yay bring on summer!

I got a cute summer floppy hat that has this cute bow on it

Then they had a sale on jewelry at the time, which was $3.00 or $3.99 lol I cant remember. But i needed some pink earrings so I bought a few.

Then i have been seeing these knotted type necklace so I went ahead and got this black one

Thankfully all of the jewelry was made really well. I have had a few pieces before that have fallen apart super easy. So im very pleased with it all.
I cant wait to head to the beach with the kids and wear my floppy hat! Sunscreen of course will be slathered all over all of us :)

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GOT LOVE? said...

adorable blog, love! I think it's amazing how you have a family and still manage your blog.

love it <3

take care!