Friday, August 17, 2012

August Glam BAG

Well overall im very happy with my last 2 bags I have gotten. The bags have been super cute and I have gotten some great products.

 Ok the EClos products smell HORRIBLE! I feel like im actually putting a chemical on my face, just by the smell of it :( I dont feel like im having this amazing spa like treatment lol. Im giving them both a try, to see if their is any difference in my skin.
 I got the white circus nail polish last time, so I was pumped to get the pink one this time. However this is very very neon pink! great for toes :)
 This roll on perfume reminds me of a hair serum scent lol. Not sure if I will really use this or not. Its ok.
 This was so cute.  A very tiny mineral eyeshadow. It appears to be white, but has this pinky undertone when light hits it.
 They included this cute lipgloss. Its pretty pigmented and not sticky, and it smells pretty good.

I hope Myglam keeps up on the good bags :) i would love to see more makeup products however, and more well known products. Thanks myglam for the cute aug bag~


Kacie said...

I have a neon pink nail polish too... I put it on my toes, my 3 year old can't get enough of it on her fingernails though!

Lady Bear

Pink Glam said...

lol I do the same with my 2yr old. She loves when I paint her toenails.