Monday, August 20, 2012

Haul time :) + sneak peek of makeup storage

I stopped at ulta and target today. Had to get some stuff I have been running out of. Plus I got Victoria secret feel flirty mist/lotion off ebay. I love this stuff. Smells amazing. A pretty Vanilla smell. Not over powering at all. I like something light to put on after I shower and this was perfect. Of course i bought more fake bake! it seriously is the best sunless spray!!!
 I'm going to give this 3D toothpaste a try. I hope it works.
 I haven't used the voluminous mascara in awhile so im going to see how it is.
 Then I bought these wax removal strips. Ulta was out of the eyebrow ones, so I bought the big ones and will cut them to size :)
 I have now bought this twice now, and I love it. Very close to the revlon colorstay I believe. But less heavy I think.
 mmm these smell amazing! got them off ebay. Super pretty scent.
 sneak peak to my post that will talk about my makeup storage :) the drawer holds my eyeshadows, and blushes and bronzer.. then the rest of the makeup is in other areas.

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Jolanta Jastrzębska said...

I can't wait for the next post!! :)