Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shoedazzle purse review

Well I have finally decided im going to cancel my shoe dazzle account. I had gotten a purse back in march I believe, and I didnt use it until this summer, due to my move. Well the inside linning came apart after a week of use :(

Then I order 2 handbags sept 28th, and when they arrived both had defects :( So shoe dazzle sent me 2 exchanges. 1 handbag was ok, the other one had the same defect.

So I exhanged the other handbag for some jewlary. Ugh it took a month total of time just to get 1 handbag that was nott defective.

The jewlery I got was not good. The descrioption did not match what I got. Since the jewlery was final sale there was nothing shoedazzle would do :( So im stuck with the jewlery.

Here are some pics of my bags I got.


Those are pics of what they should look like.. this is what I got.

 The lining in the white purse was all torn
 The studs were marked up

 Stains on the inside of the bag
 the materiel was peeling away
Here is the pink bag

 The studs on the left side are turned out the other way. The left side of the bag kept collapsing in. So that the front of the bag did not stay flat. I did not exchange this bag, since I had already been sent a whole new set of handbags and each were defective in this style..except for the 3rd exchange lol
The only bag that turned out well was the white one that got re-sent to me.

This bag turned out good. No major defects on this purse. The only thing is it doesn't hold its shape well :( But for $39.95 I would of found a better quality purse I believe.

So after a month of hassle of returns Im canceling my account.

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