Monday, January 9, 2012

Review maybelline dream bouncy blush

"Ugh" that's all I can say about this blush LOL! I love the color.. but once you attempt to apply the color if your skin has any type of tan it doesn't show up, unless you buy a dark shade.
I will start with my dislikes.

1) it is not easy to work with. It is suppose to be like a cream blush. Then finish  like a powder. Well when you go to apply it with your finger tips, you have to literally dig into the blush to get any blush to transfer. I had the hardest time just getting any product to transfer.

2) the color will take off your foundation. I put the blush over my foundation at 11am. By 6pm you could see exactly where I had applied the blush and it took off the foundation in that area. LOL. It looked so weird. I have no idea how that happened. Other then when you apply the blush you have to blend it into the skin, which I guess moves around the foundation.

gosh i could go on with how I didn't like it. I think it would be good for anyone that doesn't wear a foundation.. That way once the blush starts to wear off you don't need to apply more foundation then more blush..

I hope this helps.. i will say the color is pretty :) but that's it. It was a waste on my part for $6.99 at target . Hopefully it works for someone :)


Miss K said...

ew! i just saw this in stores, now i know to skip it!

Pich and Roor said...

That's so disappointing :( I hate buying makeup that isn't as good as it looks. I'm also on the hunt for a better blush, so I appreciate your reviews!! Hope you have a great week!

Pink Glam said...

I bought it thinking I would be apply to dab my finger tip into the blush and get a good amount of product to work with.. but nope.. no product to work with ahaha

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Is this like cream blush?
I can't use cream makeup products, first of all, I don't know the proper way to apply them, & I think they fade away quicker.

xo Sarmin

Pink Glam said...

Yes it goes on like a cream and is suppose to finish like a powder :)

Lucinda said...

Never tried it! Thanks for the review :)