Thursday, January 12, 2012

E.O.T.D Sephora shadows

I saw this palette on sephoras website and it was sold out.. so i checked ebay and got it there for $14.00 with shipping.
It is sooo cute! but so so so tiny ! LOL like as small as a credit card. It has 3 flips. One has the eyeshadow, then one has the lip gloss, then 1 had the blush and bronzer.

The colors are great. Pigment is awesome!
Here is what I did with my eyes. From left to right. I used the 1st color on the top left row, as my eye brow highlight, then I used the 2nd color as my crease color, and this pretty light shimmer pink which is the 3rd color as my lid color.

The 2nd pic is what the shadows look like.. once again there super tiny but they have amazing color :)

with the flash >
 without the flash >


Lucinda said...

Those are pretty colors! :)

Feenkuss said...

Wow it looks fantastic :)

Lovely greetz