Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My christmas Haul

Here are a few goodies I got for Christmas :) I had given Rob a list of some stuff I had wanted and he got all of it :)

 Above is the 4 for $20. 2 lip glosses and a cute round mirror and makeup wipes
 vs runway makeup, cute pink dog, and my vs charm bracelet

 swatches of the shimmer powder, the eyeshadow, and the lip gloss. the colors are super pretty. The lip gloss doesn't have a ton of pigment so it gives a light color to my lips.
 VS eyeshadow palette. On the website the colors and the actual palette were  different. I'm not happy with what is the actual product. I don't want to return it since it was a Christmas gift. So I'm going to keep it. Below is what I got..

 LOL this is the product that was on the website. Clearly what they actually shipped to people was a bit off! haha package on the inside is not pink and the colors are off.
 front package is what shows on the website.
 Cute tank Rob got me. Its so pretty on.
 Here is the tank in black to show more detail.

 Then rob got me some earrings and a bracelet from express :)

 Tyler got me a pretty pink stone necklace. my son always has good taste :)
 My mom got me a small travel brush set

 Once again my son has good taste.. and got me this pretty ring that has a deep purple stone.


lalalucy1000 said...

Love the Victoria Secret stuff x x

Pich and Roor said...

aww so cute!! Don't you love it when husbands get you lots of good stuff?! lol

Pink Glam said...

I love Vs :) If I had their credit card I would be doing damage lol

and Rob got lucky :) I just gave him a list of things I wanted, so it was easy for him to shop. I told him to shop black friday when vs had some deals going on :)

Iheartbeauty said...

LOve the watch! I have a white xoxo kinda like it!

New follower!


Pink Glam said...

Thanks :) I also have a white one like it :) its a juicy watch. But I need a new battery for it LOL. Thank you for following, I will follow back.

Beauty on a College budget said...

What awesome gifts, I love victoria secret makeup. They have some really good stuff. I love their lipsticks!

Hey could you vote for me to be the next Rimmel 10? I'm Megan M. All the infos on my blog!

Iheartbeauty said...

Omg I'm such a dork! I didn't realize I was already following you! I hate how the white one turns off white though! Grr!! Take a look at Ice-love watches I just bought the black one..soo cute!

Lucinda said...

Love your style! :) www.lovelucinda.com