Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spoiled Essie and Loreal nail look !

I spotted this gorgeous glitter Spoiled nail polish at Cvs a few weeks ago. It is in the color Jewelry Heist. It has this pretty rose gold color to it. Which is why I bought it. So I decided to pair it with my Loreal Grey Expectations #360, then the base coat under the glitter was Essie Ballet slippers.

Only con to the spoiled glitter polish was that it literally took 6 coats to achieve the look. Its a very sheer polish. So in order for you to get the true color from the bottle you have to put on a lot of coats. So I'm sure it will be hard to take off. If you only do 1 finger per hand I think it will be ok. This is the look I got.

What I like is that even though I had to do about 6 coats for the glitter polish, the nail polish feels smooth. Not gritty. Big plus. Hope you enjoy. Click the picure for the large view. I had to upload to photobucket since my storage on blogger is full LOL!


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