Friday, January 11, 2013

Fake bake 60 sunless tanner Review!

Hey everyone! Fake Bake was nice enough to send me there new self tanner which is Fake Bake 60! It is new to the USA, I believe it came available in Sept on there website. If that is wrong correct me hehe.

How it works! This is a self tanner that develops color in 60 minutes. In that time frame you start to get a nice light tan. If you leave it on for 2 hours you get a darker tan, and by the 3rd hour you will have a nice deep tan. Fake Bake recommends a max of 3 hours. Once you hit 3 hours with your self tanner, you need to go and wash this off.

  • Step 1: Take a shower/bath and shave and exfoliate
  • Step 2: Apply body lotion to the top of feet and the sides of your feet, to your elbows,hands,and  knees.
  • Step 3: Take your self tanning mitt, and spray the self tanner on the mitt then gently rub it all over the area you want to tan. 
  • Step 4: I always leave my face and hands for the last application. I take my gloves off, and then only use the mitt. I spray the mitt then rub the self tanner and apply it to my face. Then I spray the mitt again, then rub the top of my hands very gently. Making sure get an even application.
  • Step 5: Wait the 6-8 hours then wash it off :) I usually apply this at night then wash it off in the morning.

 This is a great self tanner for when you need to get a quick tan and not wait the normal 6-8 hours to start to see color. The other thing I noticed with this self tanner is that even after you wash it off, it seems to keep working. I got noticed I had more color the next morning after I had already washed it off. Retails around $31.99. This is results with 1 hour Photobucket Photobucket

This is results after 2 hours Photobucket Photobucket

I like the color I get at 2 hours, so then I go ahead and wash it off. 3 hours will be a much deeper tan. I want to note that I live in a colder state lol So I normally don't like to get a ton of color in the winter, I tend to go lighter with my self tanning. So I normally just apply once a week. When I do this tan, it lasts all week with no uneven fading. If you like fake bake flawless this will work as well as the flawless and give amazing results.

Thats is the link for the product. Im not getting paid to do this review, or for any orders that might go in. I was only sent the product for a review in exchange for the product. This is my honest opinion.

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