Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MyGlam bag September

I was excited to get this bag. I loved the preview. So what did I get??

I got the black cosmetic bag, but this could be used as a clutch type bag as well. Very well made.

Then I got the smudge brush. Which I think is more of an eyeshadow brush then a brush for smudging. Soho brand. I was actually just looking at these online so I'm pumped I got one.

Then Jane lipgloss. Cute but its tacky :( it is not a very smooth gloss, but I might be able to work with it. It also has a lot of pigment.

Then I got the Carols Daughters repairing split end sealer- opened up to smell it, and it smells great! It claims 93% fewer split ends instantly! so I'm going to have to give this a try and let you know.

Then got the circus nail polish. Bright neon purple lol but again great for toes! the neon pink I got last month I cant wear :( I put it on and in sunlight it looked neon orange! yikes!

We also got a coupon for $20.00 off just fab shoes! score! I'm for sure using that!

Then a mirabella eyeshadow. Super pretty bronzy brown shade with a tad of shimmer.

I'm very happy with this months bag!


Beauty Fiend said...

This looks awesome.So much better than Glossy Box which we get here in the uk
Beauty Fiends Blog

Pink Glam said...

Yeah the myglam bags have really improved I think, so im glad I kept subscribed.