Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Loreal True Match Lumi foundation review

So after debating on this foundation I went ahead and got it. I have given it a few days, and I have to say I HATE this foundation lol.

As soon as I apply it, and look at my whole face I look like a shine ball haha! So I wait a few mins to powder my face. Then it takes a hint of the shine away. Then about 5 hours later my foundation is fading away very unevenly, and I look shiny. I don't have oily skin either. I touch my face during the day and it just feels like I put a light oil on my face :/ No good.

So here it goes.

  • It does give a medium coverage. It hide my flaws.
  • Also does not sink into fine lines making them more visible.
  • Very easy to apply with the pump, and very bendable.

  • Its fades off fast.
  • Makes you appear shiny all over, unless you do a powder, and even then it still comes through.
  • It makes it appear as you put a highlight all over your face.. so not good. Or maybe a dewy finish all over.
  • My face felt oily all day long, when I would touch my face. It felt like it never truly dried, even though it did. 
  • After you apply your powder, my powder brush starts to get tacky. From the foundation never truly drying. So my brush bristles hold onto the foundation, then they get my pressed powder  onto them, and it messes them up. lol I hope I explained that correctly, I attached a pic.
Overall I will not use this again, unless I have ran out of my foundation , and I need a backup. So I will keep it and use as a backup or maybe to use as a highlight on my cheek bone.

 These are pictures I took about 10 mins after I put the foundation on. Shine city!
 No powder on, just the foundation. Then I apply powder to set it, and take away the shine. I think its just way to shiny to use as a foundation.

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