Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Revlon ColorSilk Luminista Vibrant Color for Dark Hair

Ok, so I bought this color about a week ago. I bought it because it said vibrant hair color. It seems like my black hair fades super quick so I wanted a nice vibrant black shade.
Well let me tell you this was not good hair dye. It was the only black hair dye that I have ever used that had a purple base to it... after I covered my hair with the dye, I started to freak since I could see purple tones.

So I waited maybe 5 mins after I was finished coloring then I rinsed it off. The color that washed out was purple?? umm yeah that freaked me out.
So I washed my hair good, then dried it. and well the color is black with a purple tones. Totally not what I wanted. There should be more information on this hair dye, stating it will have a purple-ish tone to it.

I have only box dyed my hair dark.. and I have never had a purple toned black dye.. it was weird to me. I will not be buying this again.. and now I need to buy a new hair color :(

I bought bright black in #105

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