Monday, June 11, 2012

MyGlam bag June 2012

I was pretty excited with the sneak peaks that MyGlam did. Overall once I recieved the bag I was pretty happy with it. However the bag that they put the goodies in smelled like FISH! lol IT was the first bag I actually had to toss! it was this pretty gold glitter bag, but there was no saving it. It was gross. I wish the quality of how the bags were made were better though.

So onto the goodies!
Marbella liquid black eyeliner-
Living proof- frizz styling cream-
philosophy deep breath, cleanings cream-
Nyx #639 liptsick-

So the lipstick is a very hot pink shade. If I tried to use this, I would need to layer with a much lighter lipgloss to tone it down.
The styling cream I will forsure try out. I have damaged frizzy hair so Im looking forward to trying this.
I have tried the philosophy cleansing cream, and I liked it. Not sure I would buy the full size though.
The eyeliner scares me a bit, Just becasue it says semi-permanent., I'm used to eyeliner saying "waterproof" so I might give it a but not sure at this point. 

Overall for $10.00 a month it was ok. Just wish I had a say in colors or things I would like to try :)

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The Bombshell Next Door said...

I was a little disappointed with this month's glam bag. Try totalBeauty Collection, it's not "ghetto" lol it's actually the best box I've found out there.