Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June favorites revlon whipped fondation victoria secret

Hey beauties! Well June is here, and im loving it. Finally sunshine and warmth. However I could do without the humidty! ick! makeup melts, and hair never stays

I wanted to share a few of my June favs with you all!

 Im still loving my revlon colorstay powder. I also picked up the revlon colorstay whipped foundation. I like it however, it seems like you have to apply a lot to get good coverage. I love how easy it is to apply though. I of course love  my E.L.F powder brush as well as the powder brush I use as my "stipple" brush for my foundation.
 Love my Victoria secret incredible daring mist! so yummy smelling. Then I use my beach sexy tan enhance shimmer lotion on days I want a touch of color with shimmer. It smells good as well.
Then I got a sample of this Nivea extend moisture, I love this stuff! it smells so pretty. It has a fragrance smell. So if you don't like lotion with a light fragrance I wouldn't buy this. But Its very moisturizing.

 I love the balm products from loreal! Pink satin is the one I use a lot since its a nice pink sheer color.
 I love this blistex. It smells like vanilla.
 I also got the mega lash my maybelline. I like it but I dont LOVE it. Im trying it out for June. I got it in blackest black. I just find it a bit hard to get all my lashes coated. Since it has a bit of a rounded center it doesn't coat my lashes as good as a curved or straight brush.

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