Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nads eyebrow wax

This is my ultimate fav for waxing! It is seriously the best possible eyebrow wax. There is no heating, no warming it up between your hands.
1) All you do is twist the bottom of the wand and the wax dispenses out of the top. It has a a teardrop looking applicator where the wax comes out of.

2)Then from there all you need to do is apply to any straw hairs you want to get rid of. Its super easy. Or use it to shape your brows.

If I can figure out how to do a video for youtube I will do a tutorial on this :) so send pointers if you them hehe. I have no idea how to edit or anything.

3)so final step is to put on the cloth strip they provide you with. Put it over the wax then make a quick pull and take it off the area where you applied the wax. Then poof your straws are gone. You might have a stubborn hair that you need to pluck or you can always just put the cloth strip back over the area with some wax. That is what I have done personally.

So yeah.. i give this a 10+++++ love love it!


Beauty on a College budget said...

Thanks! Okay, this pretty much answered most of my questions about it, I'm heading to ulta soon, so I will be trying this out. How many clothes does it come with? How many waxings do you get with one tube about?

Pink Glam said...

Um i cant remember how many cloth strips come with since i have been using it. Id like to say 15-20.. but i buy extra wax strips. I think when i last bought the extra strips i got like 100 for 5.00. I dont know the brand of the strip but it will be with the other wax stuff at ulta. The tube lasts id say 3mths. I dont use it weekly. For me i use it 1-2 times a mth.