Thursday, December 1, 2011

My christmas decorations :)

I love love christmas. We go crazy in my house. We put it all up the weekend of nov 1st. My husbands birthday. Its the one gift he wants from me every yr LOL. It takes me all day just about, but I love it :) Here are some pics.

 Alexia's first christmas ornament :)

 I just put ornaments into a glass bowl :)
 Rob and I's tree in our bedroom

 family room christmas tree
 Our stockings, which I moved now to the fire place mantel

 our bedroom decorations

 Tylers 1st ornament

I bought all my decorations at target, normally when they do the 50% off sale :) and then my mother in law gave me some things as well


Pich and Roor said...

oooohh so gorgeous my favorite are the lights around the mirror!!

Pink Glam said...

Thank you :) yeah i think the lights around the mirror add a touch of glam to :)

Hunter87 said...

Very lovely Xmas decorations =)

Pink Glam said...

Thank you Jazmin :)

Life Size Barbie said...

I love that you have decorated every room! It looks soo cute, and I really like the garland around the stairs and the lights strung around the mirror.

and ps. - i got my black flower headband at like..claires or "icing" :)


Sisters and Sisters said...

What a great photos, they inspire us!
You have a great blog too:)

Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

H&C from Amsterdam