Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hempz lotion- review

Ok so I know I have tried this stuff probably about 10 yrs ago. I wasn't to fond of it then. So I got a sample from ulta.
I tried it today.. and well .. ummm not so happy.

It does smell pretty good.. but i think its pretty highly scented if you want to apply lotion more then once a day. It does have a thicker consistency. Which is really nice for dry skin.
Here is my personal con- I put in on my hand to take the pic of the consistency and it started to burn my hand LOL so I rubbed it in.. and the burning kept happening. I also applied it to my elbow, since it is a thicker lotion i wanted to see if it would help the dry spot on my elbow. It also started to burn there as well. So I washed it off. The funny thing is that its paraben free.. which is odd. So I shouldn't of gotten sensitive from it.

So for me personally it looks like I had a reaction from this. I do have more sensitive skin ever since I had my 2nd child. So that could be why I got the reaction.

But it does smell pretty good, and have a thicker consistency which is nice.


Pich and Roor said...

The Escada one is really yummy & fresh. I'm also OBSESSED with Versace Pink crystal .. & it's pink so that's always a plus :)

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