Friday, January 3, 2014

Maybelline babyskin versus Cover Girl skin perfector

I grabbed both of these from wallgreens and wanted to test them out. The baby skin i think was $7.00 and the cover girl was i believe $12. 

I first used the cover girl as a touch up like powder. Since it says you can use it that way. This is a balm. Not a powder. So when applied as a touch up it left my skin oily. So for me it did not work as a touch up. I tried it as a primer and score! It worked. It held my makeup for about 10 hrs. My foreheaded did look a tad faded but i think i didnt even out my foundation well enough. 
So i would forsure use the covergirl as a primer. 

Now onto maybelline. 
This is a silicone based primer. Reminded me of smashbox primer. However smashbox makes my skin feel oily after 4 hours. 
This one held up for 10 hrs as well. I was very pleased with it. This is a very affordable primer. 

Both the maybelline and covergirl are good for use as a primer and very affordable. I have heard the covergirl is a dupe for the mally face defender.  Thats what I have heard. 

Both get a thumps up !! 


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

The Smashbox primer does the same thing to me after a few hours. I love the Benefit porefessional, but these would be great for every day because the Benefit is around $30 and I use it a lot. Thank you for this review! I must try these now! Xx

Pink Glam said...

@Jacenda I agree. The benefit is AMAZING! I will forsure but that for the summer. It did so well for me through the summer. When I sweat more lol.

MNHousewives said...

I am going to have to try the Baby Skin now! I currently use the Elf face primer and it's pretty good but I don't love the feel of it. I'd like to compare the two!

Pink Glam said...

@mnhousewives that would be a great idea to try out :)