Friday, May 27, 2011


So ladies I bought some of the NYX lipgloss colors today. Sad to say the one I was really looking forward to just doesn't make the cut. I bought LALA. I saw a fellow you tube beauty blogger show it off. It looked like this really pretty almost hot pink color when she swatched it. So I was super looking forward to it. But its actually a coral color. Which just doesn't look great on me.
So here is the pic from ulta. I bought it from there.
So as you can see its a pink shade, but when I got it out of my shipping bag, its for sure not this color. Its a coral shade. Which is almost is hard shade to pull off. So now it will just sit unused lol.
However the ones I got that I like are

This one has a very pretty shimmer and doesn't look as dark as in the picture. More of a neutral color with a bit of shimmer.

Then this pink color

gold pink
Its a super pretty pink color! Love it
  OHH and I LOVVVE the smell of these lip glosses! yummmmy!


TEA aka MonsterGirl said...

I can't find these anywhere! but they look really nice... I will keep my eyes peeled and hope I find them.

GirlieAndGlamorous ♥ said...

The on you don't like swap!! The link below explains it all.