Friday, May 13, 2011

Here are a few of my favorite things

Well here I come summer. What are my most haves??

I love summer dresses. I love simple dresses for everyday wear with a cute pair of wedges. Then a cute pair of heels for going out. Jean capris and a pair of black gauchos are going to be a huge part of my summer wardrobe. Also cute flowy tank tops! Im in love the babydoll style tanks right now. There so pretty and feminine.

My zebra heels and pink snake skin are from charlotte russe

Love black gauchos. They go with everything and look super sexy with heels. You can get them just about everywhere, I buy a few each yr since I love them so much.

One place I love to get cute babydoll style tanks is hollister! I have also found cute ones at kohls in the jr's section.


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes and Gauchos. We like the same stores 2 =)


Pink Glam said...

I find that a lot of the stores like charlotte russe, forever 21 all take hints from higher designers and then design them pretty much identical. So its awesome, then we get great deals :)

kENDRA wILLSON said...

nice shoes! :-)
kendra x

Malika said...

Love the pink wedges! They are so cute (:

Pink Glam said...

thanks Malika :) when i saw them i had to have them.

Shinigami_U said...

I like the pink snake skin wedges.