Friday, October 19, 2012

Up & Up makeup remover and Yes cooling wipes review

Hey beauties, I hope you are all having a fab week. I know I am! About to celebrate my birthday this weekend. YAY to getting older lol!

I wanted to review a few makeup remover wipes. I find it super easy to use most of the wipes and its great for touchup's if your eyeliner happened to smudge or maybe your foundation messed up and you need to fix it.. just a nice way to remove makeup without needing to wash your whole face to clean up a small mistake.

1st off is the Up and Up makeup remover wipes.

I bought these since they say the are comparable to Neutrogena and I always hear good things about the neutrogena ones. Hmm well for me these are horrible. It actually burns or feels like sandpaper on my skin. My face actually gets red after I use these :( Maybe I just have more sensitive skin lately ... not sure.. but these will not be a repurchase.

        easy to use
        burns my skin
        feels harsh when rubbing it onto my skin.

Next one I have tried is the Yes soothing cucumber wipes

I got this in one of my myglam bags.

Love these wipes! they smell amazing, and they actually make my skin feel like it is soothing my skin.

    removes makeup well-
    ( the revelon colorstay makeup you would need 1 wipes to remove that)
    soothes skin
    not harsh
    smells good

     Might need more then one with waterproof makeup

Victoria secret makeup wipes

I got these around christmas and they work amazing! for anyone that uses the revlon colorstay foundation, you know how hard it is, to get it all off your face sometimes.. along with makeup brushes.
The victoria secret wipes are AMAZING! I will for sure buy more of them.
        Easy to use
        Takes off waterproof makeup
        No icky smell
        None :)

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