Thursday, July 19, 2012

My plastic surgery story Breast augmentation

Hey girls! so I have been wanting to write this post for while now. August 30th last yr or maybe it was the 31st LOL I can't remember. It really a blur to me that day. I had my boobs done. It was something that I had thought about my whole life to do. When I was growing up Pamela Anderson was the one woman I wanted to look like. I had my blonde hair back then. Only thing missing was some big boobs haha. BUT I never really needed them when I was younger. I had nice B cup boobs. I was never told I was flat chested or anything.
I was pretty confident in my body from about 18-20. But from 21-30 I was not anymore.

I'm a mom to 2 kids. Lexi who is 2 and Tyler who turns 10 this month. Ever since I had Tyler my body had changed. I was the un-lucky girl who did get stretch marks. I got them in my last month of pregnancy :( When I saw them I was pretty sad. Nothing I could do about them. So I learned to somewhat except it.
I did lose some volume in my breasts from trying to breast feed my son for a month 2 months. I also had gained a lot of weight with him. I was 132 and I jumped to about 180 when I was pregnant with him. So weight loss also took an effect on my boobs.

So fast forward to 2010. I had my daughter Alexia. I finally got my princess. I had wanted a little for so many years. So this time around breast feeding was easier. I breast fed for about 7 weeks. I was a B cup, but during breast feeding I went to a D cup. So as soon as I was done, my boobs went away :( I pretty much lost all volume that I had. But as any mother can say, its all worth it, to know that your baby is getting all the benefits of breast milk, as well as the bond that forms with your baby.

So after Alexia (Lexi for short) turned 1 I started to look into breast augmentation. I saw a surgeon that a good friend recommend. She had seen so many doctors, and she always goes with the best of the best. I saw the Dr and loved him. He made me feel very comfortable.
He told me about everything. Well first I got my little gown on, and then the DR came in to see me. He took my measurements and then told me if I was a good candidate. Which he said I was. We went over everything. Then we set up an appointment to come back to pick my size that I wanted to be, and what type of implant I wanted.

So when I came back to pick my implants out, I was pretty excited. I started out small I think it was a 275 cc, then I tried on the 300, 350,375, 400, then finally the 425. I have a few close friends and a family member who did the 425cc implant, So I kind of went off how theirs turned out for sizing.

I picked the 425cc implant. High profile, saline. I went with high profile, because I wanted them to stick more out.. lol. I didn't want a side profile that made it look like I was still a B cup. I went with saline because there is still so many bad things I hear with silicone. I have a very bad problem with anxiety, and if a silicone implant leaks you wont know it right away. The thought of something leaking inside of me would freak me out if I didn't know.
So with saline, if it got a leak, I would know right away. Since its just salt water.

So the night before surgery I was so scared. I had thoughts about death racing through my mind. Worrying IF I would wake up etc. I had to be up by 5:00am. Since surgery was scheduled for 6:30-7:00am. I wanted something early since you cant eat. I get dizzy when I don't eat, so the earlier the better for me for surgery.

So I went into the operating room scared shitless. I think I used the bathroom at least 4 times haha! They got me all prepped and I went in. Got the IV hooked up and it was 3...2...1.. out haha.

Then I woke up in extreme pain, I thought I was having horrible heartburn. My chest felt so tight, and I felt like I couldn't breath at all. They gave me a shot in my leg and I was out again. It took me awhile to come out of being put under. Once I was awake my husband took me back home.

We put a recliner in the bedroom next to the bed for me. I was in a lot of pain.I was taking 4 meds. Pain meds, antibiotic meds and something else. lol I seriously cant remember it all. I was a zombie for sure. I could not use the bathroom by myself . Rob had to pull my pants up and down for me, since I couldn't move my arms. The muscle in my boobs had been cut.
So I slept in the recliner. Propped up and feeling horrible.

So the day after surgery I got my bandages taken off and I felt like I could breath! It was so tight that it felt good to get it off. But it also felt like a huge weight on my chest. My boobs felt so heavy.
By the 2nd day I was having an allergic reaction to the antibiotics. For someone with anxiety that's the worst thing. I thought I was going to die or something. I was turning beat red on my face and chest. I had my mom and dad come over, to help me calm down and to help take care of me. Rob had also begun to get sick, so we needed help.

My Dr got me new meds, and it solved the problem. So for a week I slept in the recliner. By the 3rd day my back hurt so bad from sleeping  in a chair! I could not get comfortable at all. I cried and just wanted to feel ok. By week 2 I tried to sleep in bed. On my back. It did not work. Im a side sleeper. I tried to lay on my side but it felt like I had 2 hard balls that I was laying on lol. So back to the recliner I went.

I think I slept in the recliner for at least 4 weeks. ugh that was horrible!

wow long post lol sorry about that. I just want everyone to know getting implants is not always easy and recover time is not always a cake walk.

So by the end of 1 month, I always felt like 1 boob sat a bit lower, so I freaked out. Went to the Dr and he told me to give it a full 3 months to heal up. So I did. BUT I still saw a bit of un even-ness.  I gave it more time, 6 months went by, I could still see it. Now im at almost 1 yr, come aug 30/31st.

I still see that one boob is sitting a tad lower. To the naked eye someone else cant see it, but when you know your body you know when something looks different.
However the 1 thing that bothers me more then anything is the loss of sensation. Not everyone gets it. But I did. I have not re-gained full sensation nipple down.

When I spray tan myself I can barely feel the mist on my boob :( If I touch them I can feel sensations but its not the same anymore. It feels weird :(

Its been a journey for me. Some days I wish I had gone bigger, like a 450-475 cc fill. Just so I would of gotten more volume to fill out.

Another thing is your skin gets super tight. So your boobs look shiny until your implant starts to drop. I also had a ton of bloating as well! The meds made me a bit constipated :(

Bras are hard to find. Im a 36dd. Target has nothing cute. I like demi cups. Not full coverage bras. So Vs IS the only place to buy bras.  Its spendy starting out fresh lol

But I am happy with them. I love that I have fuller boobs with volume. I wear a bra or sports bra at all time though. Thats the sucky part. It just feels weird to me when I dont.

So the glamorous pics of what its like to go through a breast augmentation are below.

 Day 1- cell phone pic

Day 2- bandages off and you can see the marker dots, where the dr did his markings of where the implant should lay. You can see the the top of my chest was starting to get red. The allergic reaction was starting to set in.

2 soft ice packs- I did this alot to help with the swelling and pain management

Day 5
not looking natural at all. Still sitting high. The muscle needs to relax to drop the implant into it's place.

I swear I would look hourly at my boobs to watch for them to drop. Mine did take a while. I was super careful. I didnt lift anything for 2 weeks. I didnt exercise for 8 weeks. Mine took a full 3 months to look really good. Then I would say 6 months to look really good. Mine look pretty natural I would say. I dont look im a porn star.

8 months post- looks natural- 36dd

They look natural in low cut tops. There not small anymore lol I love how they look in tops. But overall getting implants is not easy. Its spendy as well. My husband paid cash for mine. Mine were $4500 and then about $50 in meds. Then a few hundred in bras lol. Im a lucky wife. He knew I wanted implants and bought them for me, even though he said I looked beautiful without them.

So if you have any questions at all just ask away :) Im more then happy to answer anything.


Miss Glam Queen said...

I really enjoyed reading this because I really want my boobs done too! This is a lot of help to me thank you so much!

jacintohukle said...

It's heartwarming to know that your husband supported your decision, Pink. You look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures. :) Congratulations on your new implants, by the way. I'm glad you've consistently managed to take your medications in spite of being a mom of two kids. It just proves that even moms certainly have the right to beauty.

Jacinto Hukle

Pink Glam said...

Yeah my husband was the best. He helped me with everything I needed.

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Geoffrey said...

I like how you’re proud of your body, although your boobs have been affected by pregnancy. Also, I do agree that you’re very lucky with your husband. It's a great blessing when you have the closest people in your life supporting your decision. Continue to be proud, Pink! :)

[Geoffrey Lelia]

Hannah bolton said...

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Shavonda Duarte said...

You’re absolutely lucky wife to have a husband who is so supportive of what you want to do. I’m glad you’re satisfied and happy with the outcome of your surgery. I’m sure it improved your confidence. Am I right?
-Shavonda Duarte

David ruffin said...

Great stuff . i am very happy because I was searching such article since long time . Today's I find it finally. Thanks