Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Target beauty bag!

Ok so I had signed up for a free target beauty bag.. The only thing is you sign up for them, as soon as they say there available. Well I caught it in time and received mine the other day. I had liked there facebook page and that's how I had found out about them.

I was sooo excited. Free samples! heck yeah. They were not tiny little sample where you get 1 use out of them either.

So here is what I was given.
~ cute pink stripped makeup bag
~pantene shampoo
~simple cleanings facial wipes (pack of 7)
~1 time sample of the loreal magic Lumi primer
~neutrogena visibly bright facial cleanser
~Nivea extended moisture
~book of coupons to target

The first thing I noticed was how good the bag smelt LOL! Pantene sure makes shampoo that smells good.

Im so excited about this bag, since I was wanting to try the primer out and the facial wipes for some time now. Now I get to :)


Lucinda said...

Oh Wow! This is the 2nd time I heard, seen something about this! How much do you pay?


Pink Glam said...

It was all free :) I didnt even pay for shipping. Its awesome. The bad thing is, you have to catch it right away..

Hunter87 said...

I miss this one.But it looks like you got some great stuff.

Miss K said...

that's awesome, i've never been able to find them when they're available!!