Monday, October 3, 2011

Review and comparision

So I ran out of my target brand up and up Dual treatment moisturizer the other day, so I was at walmart and I grabbed the clean and clear dual action moisturizer. The up and up brand is the dupe for the clean and clear.

Up and Up- The lotion is more thin and not thick feeling. I have been using this one for a few years. It has the salicylic acid acne medicine in it. To help and treat pimples. I do love this stuff. It makes my skin soft after I was my face in the morning.

Clean and clear- This one is more of a thicker consistency. The smell is pleasant. It does what it says. It does make my skin soft after I wash it.

Overall both of these are really good. I think its a matter of $$ Id buy either one of these again. They both smell good and they both deliver on what they say they will do.


PrincessLisax3 said...

I want to try the Target brand. I love their Up & Up skincare and body washes. Thanks for the review =)

Pink Glam said...

I agree. They make some really good products :)

Nicole Alicia said...

Thanks for the review!I personally use the clean & clear and it works wonders especially in the winter when my skin is super dry.

Cool Blog!

-Nicole Alicia

Fash Boulevard said...

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