Tuesday, October 18, 2011

makeup haul- elf and revlon

So I ordered a bunch of makeup from ELF the other week when they were offering the studio brush set for $5.00 with a $25.00 purchase. So I got a few good things :)  I got 2 pairs of the natural lashes, their bronzing brush which is also used for contour, then I got their black liquid liner. Mine had a deformed brush so I cant use it. I did try to use it and its super black which I loved. Then I got their sharpener which I think is the best sharpener ever!  I then got a lip gloss in sparking wine. Hate it! I thought it would be just shimmer glitter, but it has glitter in it. SO its grainy which feels so gross. I wont be using it. Pretty color though. I also got a single eye color in pink ice. I can use it in the corner of my eye or as a brow highlight. It looks to white on the eyelid. Then I got bronzer in toffee. 2 radiance highlight colors in in sunlight and sunrise. Body shimmer in blazing bronze.Nail polish in berry pink. And then also their studio brush set.

Then I also got Revlon stardust eyeshadows. They were so pretty I had to get them. I got them in starry pink and night sky. Tons of fall out!! and the pink doesnt show up on the skin well. Its a good color to layer over another color to get the glitter effect.

Then I got the limited edition blush from maybelline called stage glow. Its a good cheekbone highlight. It does not give a color pigment really. I use it when I dont want to use a liquid highlight.

 Radiance enhancer  top to bottom : sunrise and spotlight
 Body shimmer in blazing bronze- Shimmer : its very dark when you apply it, but it gets a pretty shimmer bronze when you blend it. I love it. Perfect for your cheeks or a little bit on your cleavage :)
 Lipgloss in sparkling wine. You can see the gold glitter flecks. Horrible feeling with the glitter. I wont use this.
 nailpolish in berry pink. Very pretty
 Single eyeshadow in pink ice. I will use this as a highlight.
 Bronzer- its pretty dark. I plan to use it for contouring.
 Maybelline blush- stage glow
 Revlons star dust- I love the black color. Its very glittery and smokey on my eye.
 As you can see the pink barely shows up, but the black gives off more pigment.
 Elfs studio brush set, Only bad thing is my stipple brush has a few bristles with glue?? lol oh well. It will be fine. The brush set is really good overall.


Miranda said...

Great haul! I love their studio brushes! They are some of the best brushes I have used and the price is awesome =) sucks about the lip gloss though. I hate when they are like that.

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I wanna try the studio brushes. I have a few of the $1 ones & love them.
Great haul :)

Jenn said...

wow you got some great stuff doll!! I've never tried they're eyeshadows I wanna :)

PolaBerry said...

Great haul! I love elf studio brushes! Especially the flat top one!