Friday, June 17, 2011


So I know I have a few of these blogs out there.. but here I go!

I bought the sun labs tanning lotion. Both times I have put it on it has not been a smooth application! First time the gloves I bought just made the application really hard to do. So I bought different gloves and it was just making it look really streaky. So I took off the gloves and used my hands. I washed my hands every time I would switch to a different part of my body to apply the lotion. Im hoping my hands dont become orange lol

To make matters worse I didn't realize i had burned my back the last time tanning in the salon and it peeled. So when I had my husband applyed the lotion there is a huge spot where I had peeled.. ekkkk!

I have a bad feeling that Im going to be streaky with all by bad luck on tanning tonight.

here is what i bought. I must say the smell of the lotion does smell good. Like a cherry almond like the jergens lotion. I like that it has built in color so you can see where the lotion went on. However Im not sure im going to keep using the lotion. They make a spray which i think might be easier to use..  any suggestions on how to make the lotion application easier?

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